Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in review

This year was jam packed full of FUN and FAMILY! Two of my favorite things.

Here's my favorite memories from 2014... 

We went on our first kid-free vacation.


Our kitchen got a major facelift.

We celebrated Josh's 33rd birthday.


I threw my sister-in-law a baby shower!


Jacob got to ride on Thomas!


We celebrated Easter with family. 


Josh knocked me up


We celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day. 


Jacob turned TWO and had a fun construction party!


We went on another kid-free vacation.


We celebrated my BIG 3-0 in a little way. (And I was totally okay with it)


We had our SIXTH wedding anniversary!


Jacob started school and continues to LOVE it!


We took our annual trip to the State Fair. 


We prepared for our second little gentleman. 


We celebrated Thanksgiving with family and a  H U G E  baby bump. 


Judson made his big debut. 


We celebrated Christmas and sent out late holiday cards and Judd's birth announcement. 

Christmas 2014 // Happy Holidays + Judd's Birth Announcement

I happen to be one of those women who hates being pregnant. I know it's a beautiful thing and I really am so grateful that I can get pregnant and have had easy pregnancies. However, I still hate being pregnant. I just don't feel beautiful or myself at all. So, being pregnant most of this year was kinda a bummer for me. But what's a few months in the long run?

I look forward to 2015 for so many reasons, but mostly I'm excited to watch our family adjust and figure out how to be a mom to 2.

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