Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Soko #2

I knew I was pregnant this time around before I even missed my period. Partly due to my tracking, but mostly because of the food/bloat bump I was sporting during week 4. It was ridiculous, so thankfully it went away by week 5!

I took my first test earlier than "recommended", but immediately got two pink lines. I waited a few more days and retested with digital tests, which confirmed our suspicions. I'M PREGNANT!!!

My official due date is December 9, which seems so far away. It's especially weird that I'll be pregnant and have the actual baby during the same calendar year. Somehow that makes it seem even longer. Thankfully, I won't be too pregnant during the heat of the summer and can cozy into leggings during the last couple months.

The thought of sending out Christmas cards/birth announcements literally sends me into a tailspin. I cannot stop thinking of ideas!!

I also cannot stop comparing this pregnancy to my last one. So far they have been completely different. Well, maybe not completely- I'm still super tired (which is now amplified with a crazy toddler to wrangle) and don't feel like eating much, but this time I've had pretty terrible morning all-day sickness. I really wouldn't wish it on my enemies. It's debilitating and has brought me to tears on a number of occasions. After trying all known remedies, my doctor wrote me a Rx for Diclegis and I swear I did a 180 overnight. Thank The Lord, because I was hanging on by a thread there! ;)

Since starting Diclegis, my appetite has been hit or miss. I get hungry, but can't eat a TON because I get really bloaty and burpy. I've had some strange cravings this time around, including ice cream, salt & vinegar chips, deli sandwiches (specifically salami with Swiss cheese), queso and Chuy's creamy jalapeƱo dip. Of course, typing those things right now is making me nauseous. Ha!

Also like my previous pregnancy, my progesterone level was low again. Being that I've already dealt with this, I wasn't quite as worried this time around, although there's always an underlying level of worry and concern during the 1st Trimester. I've been taking progesterone supplements since about 5 weeks, before I even had my first ultrasound!

Speaking of ultrasound, we had our first one around 7 weeks and baby had a heartbeat of 131. I cannot explain how much joy that tiny little flutter gives me. God is so great!

Jacob and Baby #2 will be exactly 2½ years apart, which I'm super excited about. Seems like the perfect separation- not too big but not too little. Maybe we can all maintain our sanity. Wishful thinking?

I have no doubt this is going to be a challenge, but we are so grateful for God's blessings and feel honored that He trusts us with another child.

So, just as I wrap up Jacob's monthly updates (tear), I'll be starting a new weekly series- weekly bumpdates!

Cheers, y'all!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dad Brag

Over the weekend, my dad came over and helped Josh build Jacob's birthday present- an awesome wooden swingset (which he looooooves). My sister and BIL helped, too, but most of the credit goes to my amazing husband and my handy dad!
I've mentioned my dad's stellar handyman skills on several occasions, most notably here when he completely remodeled our master bathroom (seriously).
But with Father's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd do a quick post to give my dad a shout out. Because he deserves it, and he rarely gets the recognition and/or praise he deserves.

My dad is one of the smartest men I know; a man with a PhD and killer carpentry-tile-handyman skills. Among the many, many things my dad has taught me, the best advice as been:
  1) measure twice, cut once
  2) all home renovation projects cost twice as much and take twice as long
  3) the prep work is the most important part
  4) never own a boat, but have friends that do
  5) when in doubt, take a nap
  6) always wear sensible shoes
We've had our ups and downs, but I love my dad and I love watching him as a "PopPop", something he was scared to death about!

What has YOUR dad taught you? Share it with me and use the hashtag #DadBrags!
Man Crates, a new company that ships awesome gifts for guys in custom wooden crates (how awesomely genius?!), is having a contest on Twitter- share your favorite story, memory, piece of advice, etc. from your dad and use the hashtag #DadBrags. When you do, you'll be entered to win a Man Crate for your dad! A winner will be chosen every day through Father's Day! You can check out the winners here.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baby makes FOUR!

I cannot believe I'm saying this again, but...WE'RE EXPECTING!!!

Baby Soko #2 is due in December 2014 and will certainly be the best Christmas present for our entire family!! 

We're BEYOND EXCITED to see Jacob as a big brother. I just know he'll be the sweetest.
More details to come. But for now, this pregnant lady needs a cookie and a nap! ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beach bag essentials

With Memorial Day this weekend, I can't stop thinking about all the fun in the sun we'll have this summer. With the Texas heat, being around water is a necessity, so we're often taking trips to the splash pad or our neighbor's pool (or the blow-up pool in our own backyard).

Here are MY beach bag essentials.

What are some of y'all's sunny weather essentials??

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, instead of trying to do everything I love in 24 hours, I'm going to embrace the holiday for what it is. 

I'm going to celebrate my most important (and favorite) job by honoring the little boy who made it all possible. 

Because, Jacob, you are my world, and I truly believe- the reason I am on this earth

I love you so much, but here are 10 reasons.

10. Your smile lights up the room. 
9. You're so smart.
8. Your laugh is infectious. 
7. You love your mommy and daddy so much. 
6. You could chase your dogs around the house all day, and it's hilarious!
5. You have to take Boo with you everywhere you go. 
4. You get so happy any time were outside. It's your thing. 
3. Your little voice is the cutest thing ever. 
2. You're so kind. 
1. You made me a mommy, and make every day a good one. 

Happy Mother's Day to ALL the moms out there. Cheers!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jacob's 2nd Birthday Inspiration: Construction Crew!

I can hardly believe Jacob's SECOND birthday is just around the corner. I swear it seems like yesterday we were celebrating him turning ONE! I say it all the time, but where on Earth does the time go?! Goodness!!

This year I thought a construction theme would be fun. Mostly because he's obsessed with trucks and things that "go", plus I can pretty much DIY everything and Jacob will just keep all the props to play with later! Win | Win in my book!

The party will be in the afternoon, so I won't serve a full meal like last year- just some easy finger foods, and cake and ice cream, of course! I love the idea of incorporating actual Tonka trucks on the food table, too.
We're giving Jacob a large wooden swingset for his birthday, so that'll hopefully keep the kids busy in the backyard! We just have to put it together in the upcoming weeks...cough, cough...

Hope you're having a lovely "pre-Friday!" Cheers!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Jacob - 23 months

I actually cannot control my emotions this month. How is my baby almost 2?! That's not even possible! He was just a baby, and now he's running and talking. Gah! :( God help me on June 5, because I'm going to be a basket case!!

Age: 23 months

Height: we don't go back until he's 2!

Weight: we don't go back until he's 2!

Milestones: Jacob's communication skills continue to improve, and impress me daily! He is now putting together 2-word sentences ("daddy home", "daisy nite nite", "nene peeeez", "welllow bus", etc.). He's also starting to pronounce words better- he always said "Shotz" for Schatzi, but now he's saying "Shotzeee" and instead of "Mav" he's saying "Maveeee." He's also starting to recognize colors and points them out wherever we are. It's so cute! He'll say "welllow bus" (yellow bus) anytime he sees a school bus, or "bboooo car" (blue car). I think he's also starting to understand numbers because he's constantly pointing out when there's "two" of something- "two bus", "two dogs", etc. Physically, I think he's amazing. He can run so so fast, like almost faster than me! And he's persistent! If he wants to go in the front yard, he will find a way out there, which usually ends in a meltdown because Mommy doesn't want to hangout in the front yard. ;) He's still doing really well at swim class, too. He's up to 6 seconds underwater, but has kind of hit a plateau because he refuses to keep his head underwater. Which, I guess is the point?? So now we're working on moving through the water- kicking our legs and moving our arms. He's still so cute when he jumps off the edge into the pool- he's so cautious, but you can tell he really loves it. Our instructor told us that after this semester is over (right around his birthday), he'll move up to the next class, "Super Waterbabies", which doesn't require me to be in the pool! As much as I've loved doing this with him and seeing him grow and learn, I'm secretly really excited to sit on the side and watch. ;)

Sleep: Still really good!

Eating: He had a bout of constipation a few weeks ago, which really messed with his food intake. I could tell he didn't want to eat much, probably because he had no room! So, I switched up his diet a little bit to include more fruits (and vegetables, although he really HATES veggies) and more water, which is probably what I should've been doing all along. He seems to be eating more and happily, which I'm thankful for!

Clothes size: mostly 3T at this point

Diaper size: Size 5 Cruisers

Teeth: 14 total- he got his 2 bottom canines

Favorite toy: I bought him a bubble gun for Easter, which he loved, but it was kinda annoying for me. So I bought him a different one (one that you put the actual bubbles IN the gun) and he LOVES it! And so do I! We've been playing with that a lot. He also still loves all his trucks and cars and jeeps.

Personality: He's starting to show his independence a lot lately, which is both good and bad. He insists on doing things by himself, which I love when it comes to playing or coloring, etc. But when he wants to put the muffins in the hot oven himself...not so good. Because of this, he has started throwing more temper tantrums, but he honestly doesn't do it that often...maybe once a week? He also loves singing and dancing, especially when we're watching the morning news and they have a band on. He pulls out his broom or golf clubs, and sings into them. So stinkin' cute!

Best Moment: we had a busy month! Jacob got to meet his new cousin, Autumn, which was such a special moment. He even gave her a kiss on the head when we left. Melt my freakin' heart!!!!

Worst Moment: when he face-planted into a concrete planter and got a HUGE whelp and blackeye. I nearly stopped breathing!

Looking forward to: planning his birthday party! I'll be back later this week with my ideas...!! For now, here are some fun pictures from the month.
his first blackeye
this was actually right before he got his blackeye, see the planter to his right...yeah....
singing with his hat on

playing with his new bubble gun
meeting his new cousin, Autumn
"I go nite nite"