Saturday, May 31, 2014

Baby Soko #2

I knew I was pregnant this time around before I even missed my period. Partly due to my tracking, but mostly because of the food/bloat bump I was sporting during week 4. It was ridiculous, so thankfully it went away by week 5!

I took my first test earlier than "recommended", but immediately got two pink lines. I waited a few more days and retested with digital tests, which confirmed our suspicions. I'M PREGNANT!!!

My official due date is December 9, which seems so far away. It's especially weird that I'll be pregnant and have the actual baby during the same calendar year. Somehow that makes it seem even longer. Thankfully, I won't be too pregnant during the heat of the summer and can cozy into leggings during the last couple months.

The thought of sending out Christmas cards/birth announcements literally sends me into a tailspin. I cannot stop thinking of ideas!!

I also cannot stop comparing this pregnancy to my last one. So far they have been completely different. Well, maybe not completely- I'm still super tired (which is now amplified with a crazy toddler to wrangle) and don't feel like eating much, but this time I've had pretty terrible morning all-day sickness. I really wouldn't wish it on my enemies. It's debilitating and has brought me to tears on a number of occasions. After trying all known remedies, my doctor wrote me a Rx for Diclegis and I swear I did a 180 overnight. Thank The Lord, because I was hanging on by a thread there! ;)

Since starting Diclegis, my appetite has been hit or miss. I get hungry, but can't eat a TON because I get really bloaty and burpy. I've had some strange cravings this time around, including ice cream, salt & vinegar chips, deli sandwiches (specifically salami with Swiss cheese), queso and Chuy's creamy jalapeño dip. Of course, typing those things right now is making me nauseous. Ha!

Also like my previous pregnancy, my progesterone level was low again. Being that I've already dealt with this, I wasn't quite as worried this time around, although there's always an underlying level of worry and concern during the 1st Trimester. I've been taking progesterone supplements since about 5 weeks, before I even had my first ultrasound!

Speaking of ultrasound, we had our first one around 7 weeks and baby had a heartbeat of 131. I cannot explain how much joy that tiny little flutter gives me. God is so great!

Jacob and Baby #2 will be exactly 2½ years apart, which I'm super excited about. Seems like the perfect separation- not too big but not too little. Maybe we can all maintain our sanity. Wishful thinking?

I have no doubt this is going to be a challenge, but we are so grateful for God's blessings and feel honored that He trusts us with another child.

So, just as I wrap up Jacob's monthly updates (tear), I'll be starting a new weekly series- weekly bumpdates!

Cheers, y'all!


  1. My due date with Sam was December 9th! It's a great time of year to have a baby. :)

    1. Awe, really? I was a little nervous about the Dec birthday idea, but we'll just make the best of it! Thank you!!!