Wednesday, October 29, 2008

couch love

The below posting does not even begin to express Josh’s anger on Monday night. In the many years I have known Josh; I have never seen him this upset. Now that we have the couch and all the anger is behind us, I’d like to tell you the story of “Josh & Kate’s Couch Adventure” (I think it should be a movie).

Well, as Josh said, the delivery hours are 7am-10pm. We were both on-call all day at work, and we couldn’t even run errands or go vote in the evening because they were so late! 10 o’clock rolled around and they still weren’t there, so Josh and I decided to leave and run our errand. Actually, we were spooking. My office does “Secret Spooks” the week before Halloween, so we always go up there really late so we don’t get caught. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, the delivery guys called and said they were 10 minutes away. SO…we had to go all the way back home to meet them.

By this time it was 10:45pm and I was cranky. They were hauling the couch up the stairs and realized (after gouging huge holes in our walls) it wasn’t going to fit around the corner into the living room. So what were they going to do? Oh…well according to Trina, “she’s been working at Rooms to Go for 8 years and pulls couches over balconies all the time” – whatever. And by the way, who hires a WOMAN to deliver FURNITURE?! I’m not trying to be sexist (we all know I’ve done some pretty manly things in my life), but SERIOUSLY!? Anyways…so after Trina’s bold statement we were all back outside in the 32° temperature hauling this HUGE couch over the balcony.

Josh & Dante were on the ground and Trina and myself were on the 2nd floor balcony. You can imagine how this went. After many fearful minutes the couch was pulled over the balcony. There were a couple times, when the couch was teetering over the edge, when I really thought it was going back over.

After a good hour, the couch was placed exactly where I wanted it and we got to sit on it for like 5 minutes. Then it was back up to the office for spooking!

Even though it was a really late night, and we were both ready to curse Rooms to Go out; we are really enjoying our couch…and so is Mavy…


Monday, October 27, 2008

What ever happened to serving the customer??

So I'm sitting here in our apartment in the only seat in the house. This is because last night we tossed the futon couch. Why did we do that? Because Friday we bought a couch. The couch is supposed to be delivered today, & it's 5:30. They deliver until 10. You would think that they would give us a timeframe for when it would be delivered, since we were so kind as to go into their store & spend $$$ on an item they sell. You'd think they would be happy to serve & eager to prove we were wise in buying from them, in an order to earn our business again. Well, it appears RTG doesn't care. The timeframe for delivery they gave us for delivery was 7 this morning until 10 tonight. I don't know if they call before they get here. I called the store at 5 & the girl couldn't give me an update as to where our couch is or when, if ever, it might be delivered. At this point I kinda feel like I gave them $$$ in the hope they remember that they're supposed o give us something in return. When I was on my way home from work I was at a red light & guess what passed in front of me going down the road? A RTG delivery truck. Salt in the wounds. I'm sure the couch will eventually show up. Maybe even today (tonight). IT just seems that RTG should be able to give us more info & a little more respect in delivering on their end of the deal. It just sucks when you're waiting & waiting & not getting any updates.

In other news, we're doing good. Kate's job keeps here busy & mine is approaching the slow season. The next big event we have on the radar is Doug's wedding & then...........Thanksgiving!!!! Can't wait!

I can look out our front window & seethe old futon in the dumpster. Where's my new couch?

--Impatient Josh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bob Marley won't get out of my head

So we're just about 3 months into this wonderful journey called marriage & what have we learned? It's wonderful living with my best friend & love of my life. We really are a team. Margaritas are good but too many can make a day disappear. Trips to Garden Ridge are inevitable. Date nights are important. The economy really sucks. Politicians suck worse. Altimas are nice. Weekends always end up busy. Jamaica is awesome & we need to visit more often. Compromise. I can't tell my wife enough how much I love her.

I didn't really have a plan for this blog. Life is going good & even in these times of economic struggle we have an optomistic outlook for out future & discuss plans for our future. It's fun hanging out together everyday & telling each other about our days, & then laughing at the things in life that are rediculous. But these are things you all already know. So, on to the holiday season! Our next vacation is being discussed & we're taking suggestions from our loyal fanbase. Keep the letters coming, & stay tuned. My lovely wife is home from work now, & I have to go.