Monday, October 27, 2008

What ever happened to serving the customer??

So I'm sitting here in our apartment in the only seat in the house. This is because last night we tossed the futon couch. Why did we do that? Because Friday we bought a couch. The couch is supposed to be delivered today, & it's 5:30. They deliver until 10. You would think that they would give us a timeframe for when it would be delivered, since we were so kind as to go into their store & spend $$$ on an item they sell. You'd think they would be happy to serve & eager to prove we were wise in buying from them, in an order to earn our business again. Well, it appears RTG doesn't care. The timeframe for delivery they gave us for delivery was 7 this morning until 10 tonight. I don't know if they call before they get here. I called the store at 5 & the girl couldn't give me an update as to where our couch is or when, if ever, it might be delivered. At this point I kinda feel like I gave them $$$ in the hope they remember that they're supposed o give us something in return. When I was on my way home from work I was at a red light & guess what passed in front of me going down the road? A RTG delivery truck. Salt in the wounds. I'm sure the couch will eventually show up. Maybe even today (tonight). IT just seems that RTG should be able to give us more info & a little more respect in delivering on their end of the deal. It just sucks when you're waiting & waiting & not getting any updates.

In other news, we're doing good. Kate's job keeps here busy & mine is approaching the slow season. The next big event we have on the radar is Doug's wedding & then...........Thanksgiving!!!! Can't wait!

I can look out our front window & seethe old futon in the dumpster. Where's my new couch?

--Impatient Josh

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