Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ahhh, Saturday morning......

It's Saturday morning, Kate is still snoozing in bed, & the dogs are eager for her to wake up. Almost every weekend this is the time I have the house pretty much to eat a quick breakfast, watch whatever I want on TV, or surf around the Internet. Kinda just my quiet time. We're two weeks & two days away from our next vacation, this time to the Dominican Republic. I had a dream last night about laying on the beach. We're both excited to go to a new place & unwind for a while in warmer weather.

I feel like I have a ton going on right now. I am going to start helping with one of our sales teams at work this coming week & that could lead to other opportunities, maybe. I have to go to jury duty on Tuesday, which is the same day we're going to get our new coffee table & side table. We've had two estimates for gutters on our house & will have one more this Monday. So we have to decide on who to go with & when to do that. We're looking around for a love seat for the family room. Then, as the weather warms up we'll be looking at re-doing our front flower beds & I want to install good landscape lighting. So all this, & the money it all costs, is on my mind. Oh, & maybe a new washer & dryer. See, a lot of stuff!

I gotta say how proud I am of Kate for working toward her goal of running the Cowtown 10k. The race is a week from today & she has done a great job in her workouts, & she has already surpassed the race distance in her workouts. Not just that, but she has done it & felt good at the finish, & properly addressed any soreness. Good job babe!