Monday, August 10, 2015

Judson - 8 months

Age: 8 months

Height: we don't go back until 9 months

Weight: we went to the pediatrician a few weeks ago for what I thought was an ear infection (turned out to be teething), and he weighed 19lbs. 10.5oz.

Milestones: Judson is on the go!! He refuses to sit still for more than a second. He's constantly chasing after his brother and dogs, pulling-up on everything, and he's just started cruising on the tables and couches. We moved Judd to his convertible carseat recently, and he loves it! So much  more room for him, and he can see his brother better. He's been "talking" a lot lately, and I'm pretty sure he is saying "mama" with meaning...which pretty much melts my heart! We started letting Judd walk around in his walker and he really likes that! Most of the time Jacob pushes him around, but occasionally Judd gets to move on his own.

Sleep: A few weeks ago Judd started teething, he was super drooly and fussy. I think he also got a bit of a cold, so he was waking up at night. I fed him for 2 weeks at night because he seemed to need it, either the milk or the comfort, not sure and don't care. During those 2 weeks, we moved, so I know that threw him off too. But, he cut his first 2 teeth and seems to be doing better now, so we're back to sleeping through the night (7:30pm-7am). He's pretty much down to 2 naps per day, at 9am and 1pm. If he takes a short afternoon nap, we might put him down in the early evening for a catnap, but most of the time we just put him down for bed a bit early.

Eating: We are on the same schedule as last month (current schedule here), so I'm nursing 3x/day and giving 1 bottle of pumped milk before bed, and he's eating 3 solid meals. I've tried bigger finger foods and he doesn't really like them, so we are still doing purees.

Clothes size: 12 months

Diaper size: size 3
Teeth: He got his bottom 2 teeth this month!

Favorite toy: Oh boy, since moving we've unpacked ALL THE TOYS and he is in heaven up in the playroom! There's so much he hasn't seen and he loves just letting loose and crawling around to everything.

Likes: big brother, eating, sleeping, being outside, the dogs

Dislikes: being overtired or hungry

Personality: Judd is still very easy-going, unless we're off schedule or he's hungry.

Best moment: celebrating my birthday with my TWO boys this year, when Jacob spent a long weekend at Camp Coco and we got to spend 1-on-1 time with Judson. I could tell he loved it. And Judd's baptism yesterday.

Worst moment: teething- he was a bear for a few days there!

Looking forward to: August is going to be a very quiet month for us- lots of unpacking and getting settled. Jacob starts school in early September, so we're just enjoying this month at our new house!


Friday, August 7, 2015

Our Schedule - toddler + 8 month old

Hi, friends! Happy Friday! I have been meaning to post this schedule for two months now because we have been on the exact same schedule since Judd was 6 months old. This schedule is so great, and we really love it! I think, though, Judd is ready to push his nap times back about 30 minutes (to 2 1/2 hours of wake time). But for now- this is our schedule!

7am - Judd wakes up, I nurse him
7:30-8am - Jacob wakes up, he goes potty and we have a dance party
8am - breakfast, all 3 of us eat at this time together at the table
9am - Judd goes down for his morning nap (usually 1.5 hours)
I pump during this time, clean up and tidy up the house. And P L A Y!
11am - Judd nurses
12pm - lunch, all 3 of us eat at this time together at the table
1pm - Judd goes down for his afternoon nap (usually 1.5 hours)
1:15pm - Jacob goes down for his nap (usually 1.5-2 hours)
Mommy's playtime! I usually catch up on DVR, blog or prep dinner during this time.
3pm - Judd nurses
4:30pm - daddy gets home!
5:30pm - dinner, all 4 of us eat at this time together at the table
6:45pm - bath with big bro
7pm - Judd gets a bottle of pumped milk, then I nurse him and rock him to sleep. He's generally in bed by 7:30pm. During this time, Josh watches a cartoon with Jacob while he drinks a smoothie before bed. 
8pm - Jacob goes to bed. We read 2 books, sing "Jesus Loves Me" and lights out. 
After the boys go to bed, Josh and I tidy up the house, one of us usually goes for a run and I pump. 
Then we watch a show, drink some wine or just go to bed. 

Zzzzz! Bed sounds good right now! :)

Monday, August 3, 2015

Life Lately

It seems like life is moving so fast lately, I can barely keep up! Judson is crawling now and constantly trying to keep up with big bro, which seems to move time even faster! I remember this being such a fun phase with Jacob, like he finally understood the world around him, and even more so with Judd. Watching him "chase" his brother and dogs puts a hug smile on my face.

On top of the daily things like teething and crawling and pulling-up and pooping in the potty (still working on that one!), we moved! We are now in the house of our dreams and I am loving it so much more than I ever thought I would! The additional space for activities (and junk), the huge backyard, the amazingly friendly neighborhood, the beautiful city...its just everything I was looking for and so much more!

We are slowly getting settled. Most of the boxes are put up or unpacked. We still have several rooms to furnish and most rooms need to be decorated. But! We're all alive, enjoying our days so much more, now that I'm not anxiety-ridden over noise and packing and moving. I'll be doing a full post on moving day and a house tour soon, because I cannot forget all those details!

For now, I'll leave you with some pictures of our life lately. Apologies for the poor photo quality!