Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Soko #2 - nursery ideas

Okay, so as you can probably tell- I'm going with a navy and gray (grey?) color scheme with a tiny bit of a nautical feel.
It all started with the gray furniture and the PBK bedding, both of which I love love love, and I just kinda started adding on from there.
We'll be moving the rocker from Jacob's room into this room, and building a window shelf/unit thingy like this.
First up though- we gotta paint the walls! And that probably won't happen until it cools down a bit, whiiiiiiiich it'll be like October. Le sigh.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby #2 - 21 weeks


How far along: 21 weeks
Baby's size: Banana

Weight gain: 8lbs (according to our janky scale)

Maternity clothes: Just the capris I've mentioned. Still mostly sporting workout clothes and maxi dresses.

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: I was really struggling to get comfortable at night, so my doctor recommended that I take some Benadryl to help fall asleep. I don't take it every night, just when I'm not feeling super sleepy at bedtime.

Gender: BOY! We are all so so so excited!!

Movement: LOTS! I had kinda noticed a schedule, but then last night he was kicking nearly all night. So I dunno anymore :)

Best moment this week: Going to Austin for my best friend's birthday party. It was a lot of driving, but it was so great to see everyone! I've also loved starting the nursery plans!

Worst moment this week: Nothing, really.

Looking forward to: Continuing work on the nursery, merging/purging the rest of the house, and making plans to convert our formal living room (which we never use) into a playroom.

Food cravings: Red meat...BBQ, hamburgers, tacos, etc. I've also eaten a surprisingly number of BLTs lately (and I usually hate tomatoes!).

Weirdest food I ate this week: I can't think of anything weird.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Jacob's poopy diapers still

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: I think I can finally say that my nausea has subsided. Thank goodness! This week I've had pretty bad lower back pain. It's not sciatica, since it's just in my back, but goodness, it hurts!

Workouts: No CG this week, because it was so hot! But I did manage to go on 2 good walk/runs in our neighborhood. I think I'll probably continue that.

What I miss: It was hard being one of the only people not drinking at the party this weekend, but I'm feeling good this week!

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Still feeling very similar! I think my bump is evening out, too. Last pregnancy at 21 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: The nursery this time around is proving to be a much larger task than it was last time. The room we're turning into a nursery was our guestroom and catch-all. This means we have to purge in all other areas of our house to make room for the things we've been storing in the guestroom. It makes me really anxious and I get overwhelmed easily, especially since I'm home all day and feel like I'm wasting time by not doing anything.'ll all get done and we have plenty of time, but I just can't help feeling overwhelmed.

Things that don't suck: I think the nursery bedding is being delivered today! Yayyy!!!! Oh, and BLTs and peaches. ;)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20 week ramblings

Since finding out the sex of Baby #2, my mind has just been spinning! Like I said in earlier weeks' updates, I really felt it was a boy, but there was still a part of me that was like, what if it's a girl? You have to be prepared for either. And quite honestly, if it was a girl- we would've been in for the shock of a lifetime because neither of us were prepared for that!

I have been picking out BOY nursery items this whole time, so I'm glad that I can finally get the ball rolling on all my plans. I ordered the bedding and furniture yesterday, just hours after finding out the sex. Haha!

Once we get all that in, I'll be able to pick the perfect shade of grey. Lord help us all!

I've also decided to build a shelf/curtain rod combo for the window in his room, similar to this one on Pinterest. We'll have to tweak the design a bit, due to our skill set and tools. I'm hoping this will help keep a lot of the light out, as we have had quite the battle with the sun in Jacob's room. Darn you, Mother Nature! ;)

Aside from all the nursery happenings, I'm just so thankful that we're having another boy for TOY purposes! The thought of buying all new girl toys sends my brain into a tailspin. Talk about expensive, and the clutter! Oh the clutter! Every time I start thinking about Jacob and Baby #2 playing together and horsing around, I get choked up. I'm just so so happy for Jacob.

With all that said, I wanted to write down how yesterday's ultrasound and doctor's appointment went. It's a big ultrasound- not only do you find out the sex, but they check all the internal organs. I was ultra nervous this time around. Not exactly sure why, but I think it's because I know more moms now and I know how common these "defects" actually are, and it really scares me! Plus, how truly blessed are we to have two perfectly healthy babies?! Thank you, God!!

When we started the ultrasound, Baby was in a breech position with his feet out straight literally kicking me in the bladder. So we got a really quick and easy shot of his "boy parts." I saw the penis almost immediately and started screaming! Haha! The ultrasound tech probably thought I was crazy. Yes, yes I am. Somehow we didn't get a single picture of his actual "boy parts", but I was reassured that it IS a boy. I think the tech said she was 100% certain. :)

While his feet were down, it looked like he was sucking on his thumb and he even yawned! Such a cutie already!!!

Then he moved his feet up near his head, which I totally felt! It was so cool! At one point he was holding onto his toes, like he was stretching! Hehe.
All the internal organs checked out perfectly, he has two hands and two feet, and his face/lip looks perfect (no sign of a cleft issue). He was measuring a tad bit ahead (20w 2d), but that's no big deal.

It was a truly magical moment, especially having Jacob in the room with us to experience it all (granted, he was more interested in watching fire trucks).

My doctor said my amniotic fluid is a little low, not abnormal but on the low end of normal (and apparently this is quite common during the summer), so I'll be getting another ultrasound at my 28 week appointment to check on that. Not upset about that at all! I'll also have to do my glucose test at that appointment, because it'll be the beginning of my third trimester. I cannot even believe we're talking about the third trimester already! Whoa! This pregnancy is flyingggggggg!!

Overall, we're absolutely over the moon. I love the thought of having two boys so close in age. I love the thought of being the only lady in the house. I love the thought of Josh taking the boys out fishing. I love the thought of having two boys on the varsity basketball team at the same time. And I absolutely LOVE the thought of having two boys that will be the best of friends.

I love the thought of it all, and I'm just feeling really blessed.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby #2 - 20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks...half way! Wow!
Baby's size: Mango (13oz at our doctor's appt)

Weight gain: 6lbs

Maternity clothes: Just the capris I mentioned last week

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: Some nights are great, and others I lie awake for hours.

Gender: BOY!!!!!!!!

Movement: LOTS! It's such a wonderful feeling, and a huge reminder of the true miracle at work.

Best moment this week: Our anniversary and finding out the gender today!!!!

Worst moment this week: Nada

Looking forward to: Starting on the nursery! I'm planning to share a little mood board in the near future :) I'm also headed to Austin this weekend for my bestfriend's birthday party, super excited for that!

Food cravings: Strawberries and peaches...lots of peaches!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing, really...

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just Jacob's dirty diapers

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: Still getting a little queasy at night and I've been sleepy this week, but other than that I'm feeling good!

Workouts: CG once this week, and a few walks around the neighborhood.

What I miss: Wine, this week was tough!

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Very similar! Last pregnancy at 20 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: The nursery furniture I want is backordered until September! Luckily, the conversion kits (for the crib) are available now, so I'll be able to get those in to decide what wall color to go with.

Things that don't suck: Grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough, fresh peach cobbler, ice cold milk, and a new episode of RHOC on the DVR. Holler! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

6 years.

6 whole years together, well 7 technically. But married for 6!

Some days it feels like I've known Josh my whole life, and others it feels like it's just begun. 

Either way I love that man unconditionally and feel so blessed and honored to be his wife. He's a better father than I ever imagined, and a great role model and leader for our family. 

We went on a lovely date to Rick's Chophouse is downtown McKinney last night and it was delicious! This is the only picture I managed to get at dinner, which is just hilarious. :)

Cheers to many more years, Hun! Love you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Baby #2 - 19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks (cannot believe we find out in the gender in 1 week- EEK!)

Baby's size: Mango

Weight gain: 5 lbs

Maternity clothes: On a normal day I wear workout clothes, but whenever I have to go somewhere and actually get dressed (think jeans or a dress), I'm really struggling! Especially to things like doctors appointments or lunch, where a dress isn't necessarily appropriate. I decided to order a pair of maternity capris that I can wear to these types of things and I really love these (and you can't beat the price!).

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: Loving it!

Gender: I'm so convinced it's a boy, I nearly bought the nursery bedding/furniture this week. Needless to say, it'll be a real shock if it's a girl!

Movement: I actually did start feeling baby this week!!! What a wonderful birthday present!! I mostly feel "it" when I'm sitting really still, or laying in bed. I also think I felt hiccups yesterday. Jacob had them 3x/day in utero!

Best moment this week: My birthday and having family over

Worst moment this week: Nothing really...

Looking forward to: Our anniversary on Saturday and a celebratory date night! Yay!

Food cravings: I've been loving strawberries this week (like think 2lbs in 3 days)

Weirdest food I ate this week: Chocolate cheesecake, ice cream cake and cookie dough ice cream. I'm classifying this as weird because I hardly ever eat sweets.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just Jacob's dirty diapers

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: I'm still feeling really good! I still get a little queasy at night or when I'm hungry, and I'm getting HOT easily!

Workouts: Went to CG on Tuesday and had so much fun! Can't wait to go again this week.

What I miss: Wine

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Feeling very similar. Last pregnancy at 19 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: My entire body is pealing and it looks like I have leprosy!

Things that don't suck: I think Jacob is going through a growth spurt- he's been waking up at 9-9:30 most mornings, which means MOM has been waking up at 9-9:30! Holler! :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

My 30th birthday + weekend recap

My birthday was pretty uneventful, mostly because I'm pregnant and it's hot. There's really only so much you can do. Oh, and our garage door broke that morning and right when the repair guy showed up our electricity went out. D'oh! Talk about annoying. 

But I did get a gorgeous pair of diamond studs from my handsome husband, and we went to dinner at a yummy pizza place that I'd been wanting to try. 

Josh took the day off, so it was just nice to kinda have the day "off" as well. 

This weekend was super fun though. Josh's cousin from Nebraska, and his wife and kids, came down for a little family reunion.

Jacob had so much fun playing with sweet Cassidy. 

It was so so good to see everyone! Hopefully it won't be another 5 years before we see each other again. 

Oh, and P.S. It is officially hotter than balls here. It reached 100° today. This pregnant lady is already over it. Happy Monday! :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Recipe - easy egg white breakfast sandwich

If you follow me on Instagram (@KateSoko), then you know we're having a little family detox over here. I've made this egg white sandwich pretty much every day this week for breakfast, and it was just too easy and delicious not to share. 

1) spray inside of coffee mug with non-stick spray
2) crack 1 egg and 3 tbsp. egg whites into mug, and stir around
3) add in desired "toppings" (I've done cooked bacon, diced ham, spinach, onion, cheese)
4) mix all ingredients together
5) microwave for 2 minutes
6) while mug is cooking, pop your english muffin into the toaster
7) when mug is done, slide the contents onto your toasted english muffin. I like to add a bit of salsa to the top, too. Yum!

It's that easy. And the toppings are endless!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Our Cabo Vacay

Josh and I got back from Cabo late Sunday night, I snuck into the room Jacob was asleep in at my mother-in-law's house, and barely slept while I waited anxiously for him to wake up Monday morning.

To say we missed that sweet boy would be a severe understatement. One night at dinner I totally sobbed into my lobster. 

But I digress, let's talk about HOW MUCH FUN we had. Because we really had a blast.

Josh won the vacation from his company for being the TOP salesman in 2013. How totally rad?! Have I told you my hubby is a stud? ;) 

We stayed at the Grand Solmar Land's End, and it was absolutely beautiful! Last time we went to Cabo, we stayed in a hotel in the Gulf of California, so we were east of the famous Cabo arch. This time, we stayed west of the arch on the Pacific, literally a stones throw from the arch and "lands end." If I wasn't 4 months pregnant and the waves weren't so bad, we totally could've rock climbed/hiked to the arch! Crazy! So, when you see all these pictures of rocks- now you know what it is. :)

We were there for 5 days and literally did nothing except eat, sleep and lay by the pool. Heaven. Just the way we like to relax on vacation. 

Here's a slew if pictures with a brief summary.

The view from our room...

The view from dinner on our first night. We literally got misted by the waves, we were so close...
I had the red snapper and Josh had the stuffed chile rellenos. Both were delish...
Mexican coffees in the making. Seriously impressive!

Our first full day was SUNNY! We took a morning walk each morning...

We have a picture just like this from our last trip to Cabo...

I thought this huge rock resembled my bump...

Our view for the week...

Oh, you know...doing nothing...

Gorgeous sunset that night at dinner...

I had the grilled lobster (best lobster I've ever had, which was also sobbed over) and Josh had the steak...

A little selfie action...

On July Fourth they had a huge celebration with fireworks...

They served all their drinks in these cute palm tree cups. This happened to be a virgin watermelon margarita. Yum!

BLT + fries poolside? Don't mind if I do...

Our last dinner (sorry for the poor photo quality)...

One more last morning walk....

We both had an incredible time, and got in some much-needed relaxation and bonding time. 

While we were away, Jacob stayed with my MIL and had such a fun time. He stayed up late, barely took naps and ate ice cream for breakfast! My MIL and I exchanged pictures over the week, which DID help and ended up costing us $350. Oops :)
He celebrated the Fourth of July in style...

Ate lots of ice cream...

Played with family friends...

And even enjoyed the sand! I couldn't believe this, given our experience last summer at the beach. I guess lots of things change in a year...

My 30th birthday is tomorrow, and I'm pretty underwhelmed. Not much you can do when you're preggo and tired all the time. I'll report back with a recap!

Cheers, y'all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baby #2 - 18 weeks

PS- I took this pic while on vacation, so I was only like 17w2d, but I thought it was cute.
How far along: 18 weeks

Baby's size: Sweet potato

Weight gain: 5lbs (after the vacation we had, I really thought this would be closer to 10)

Maternity clothes: Still none yet...

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: Loving it!

Gender: I'm thinking boy. We find out July 22.

Movement: None yet

Best moment this week: Cabo was so so much fun, but nothing compares to seeing my sweet boy again for the first time. We were both so excited and happy!!

Worst moment this week: Nothing really...

Looking forward to: My birthday on Thursday! And we have family in town this weekend.

Food cravings: I've loved it all this week!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Do onion rings poolside count? ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: I'm feeling really good! I get a tiny bit nauseous when I get hungry, but other than that- I'm good!

Workouts: Didn't do much, aside from some walks on the beach, this week. Hoping to start back up at CG this week!

What I miss: Wine

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Feeling very similar. Last pregnancy at 18 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: Having to wait another 2 weeks to find out baby's gender!

Things that don't suck: Getting my energy back has been a godsend!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Baby #2 - 17 weeks

I'm changing up my weekly questions, I feel like these add a little more insight (for myself, really....) Enjoy!

How far along: 17 weeks

Baby's size: Turnip

Weight gain: 3lbs

Maternity clothes: Not wearing any yet, although I did purchase a pair of maternity boyfriend jeans because I don't have any "nice" bottoms to wear, to say- the doctor.

Stretch marks: None yet, I actually haven't even started using belly butter! Oops! Any recos?

Sleep: Actually really good this week! Yay!

Gender: The more we get into this pregnancy, the more I think it's a boy. We set our anatomy scan ultrasound for July 22 at 10:30am, so we'll know then! EEK!

Movement: None yet.

Best moment this week: Hearing our sweet nugget's heartbeat at our last doctor appointment.

Worst moment this week: I can't really think of a bad moment??

Looking forward to: CABO this week! I cannot wait to feel the sand in my toes, and to do nothing. Hooray!

Food cravings: Nothing really in particular; it's all good! :)

Weirdest food I ate this week: I can't really think of anything weird?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Jacob's poopy diapers. Haha!

Labor signs: Non

Symptoms: My nausea has finally subsided (although I am still taking 1x Diclegis at night), I still get bloated/burpy after eating fatty meals (which I'm trying to avoid), I'm starting to get a bit of my energy back (which is so welcomed!), I've had lower back pain this week and some headaches, and of course baby brain.

Workouts: With the increase in energy, I was finally able to exercise a little this week! Yay! Went for 2x run/walks- once with Jacob and once without. I felt great during and after both!

What I miss: Wine, of course. The struggle is real, y'all.

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Currently, it feels exactly the same.

Things that suck: Feeling like an over-stuffed sausage in 100° weather. And not being able to sip a beer or SauvBlanc while playing in the backyard. (I have a major obsession with patio drinking.)

Things that don't suck: Umm...leaving for Cabo in a couple days. My eyes are set on that glorious prize!