Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Baby #2 - 21 weeks


How far along: 21 weeks
Baby's size: Banana

Weight gain: 8lbs (according to our janky scale)

Maternity clothes: Just the capris I've mentioned. Still mostly sporting workout clothes and maxi dresses.

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: I was really struggling to get comfortable at night, so my doctor recommended that I take some Benadryl to help fall asleep. I don't take it every night, just when I'm not feeling super sleepy at bedtime.

Gender: BOY! We are all so so so excited!!

Movement: LOTS! I had kinda noticed a schedule, but then last night he was kicking nearly all night. So I dunno anymore :)

Best moment this week: Going to Austin for my best friend's birthday party. It was a lot of driving, but it was so great to see everyone! I've also loved starting the nursery plans!

Worst moment this week: Nothing, really.

Looking forward to: Continuing work on the nursery, merging/purging the rest of the house, and making plans to convert our formal living room (which we never use) into a playroom.

Food cravings: Red meat...BBQ, hamburgers, tacos, etc. I've also eaten a surprisingly number of BLTs lately (and I usually hate tomatoes!).

Weirdest food I ate this week: I can't think of anything weird.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Jacob's poopy diapers still

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: I think I can finally say that my nausea has subsided. Thank goodness! This week I've had pretty bad lower back pain. It's not sciatica, since it's just in my back, but goodness, it hurts!

Workouts: No CG this week, because it was so hot! But I did manage to go on 2 good walk/runs in our neighborhood. I think I'll probably continue that.

What I miss: It was hard being one of the only people not drinking at the party this weekend, but I'm feeling good this week!

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Still feeling very similar! I think my bump is evening out, too. Last pregnancy at 21 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: The nursery this time around is proving to be a much larger task than it was last time. The room we're turning into a nursery was our guestroom and catch-all. This means we have to purge in all other areas of our house to make room for the things we've been storing in the guestroom. It makes me really anxious and I get overwhelmed easily, especially since I'm home all day and feel like I'm wasting time by not doing anything. Sigh...it'll all get done and we have plenty of time, but I just can't help feeling overwhelmed.

Things that don't suck: I think the nursery bedding is being delivered today! Yayyy!!!! Oh, and BLTs and peaches. ;)

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