Wednesday, July 23, 2014

20 week ramblings

Since finding out the sex of Baby #2, my mind has just been spinning! Like I said in earlier weeks' updates, I really felt it was a boy, but there was still a part of me that was like, what if it's a girl? You have to be prepared for either. And quite honestly, if it was a girl- we would've been in for the shock of a lifetime because neither of us were prepared for that!

I have been picking out BOY nursery items this whole time, so I'm glad that I can finally get the ball rolling on all my plans. I ordered the bedding and furniture yesterday, just hours after finding out the sex. Haha!

Once we get all that in, I'll be able to pick the perfect shade of grey. Lord help us all!

I've also decided to build a shelf/curtain rod combo for the window in his room, similar to this one on Pinterest. We'll have to tweak the design a bit, due to our skill set and tools. I'm hoping this will help keep a lot of the light out, as we have had quite the battle with the sun in Jacob's room. Darn you, Mother Nature! ;)

Aside from all the nursery happenings, I'm just so thankful that we're having another boy for TOY purposes! The thought of buying all new girl toys sends my brain into a tailspin. Talk about expensive, and the clutter! Oh the clutter! Every time I start thinking about Jacob and Baby #2 playing together and horsing around, I get choked up. I'm just so so happy for Jacob.

With all that said, I wanted to write down how yesterday's ultrasound and doctor's appointment went. It's a big ultrasound- not only do you find out the sex, but they check all the internal organs. I was ultra nervous this time around. Not exactly sure why, but I think it's because I know more moms now and I know how common these "defects" actually are, and it really scares me! Plus, how truly blessed are we to have two perfectly healthy babies?! Thank you, God!!

When we started the ultrasound, Baby was in a breech position with his feet out straight literally kicking me in the bladder. So we got a really quick and easy shot of his "boy parts." I saw the penis almost immediately and started screaming! Haha! The ultrasound tech probably thought I was crazy. Yes, yes I am. Somehow we didn't get a single picture of his actual "boy parts", but I was reassured that it IS a boy. I think the tech said she was 100% certain. :)

While his feet were down, it looked like he was sucking on his thumb and he even yawned! Such a cutie already!!!

Then he moved his feet up near his head, which I totally felt! It was so cool! At one point he was holding onto his toes, like he was stretching! Hehe.
All the internal organs checked out perfectly, he has two hands and two feet, and his face/lip looks perfect (no sign of a cleft issue). He was measuring a tad bit ahead (20w 2d), but that's no big deal.

It was a truly magical moment, especially having Jacob in the room with us to experience it all (granted, he was more interested in watching fire trucks).

My doctor said my amniotic fluid is a little low, not abnormal but on the low end of normal (and apparently this is quite common during the summer), so I'll be getting another ultrasound at my 28 week appointment to check on that. Not upset about that at all! I'll also have to do my glucose test at that appointment, because it'll be the beginning of my third trimester. I cannot even believe we're talking about the third trimester already! Whoa! This pregnancy is flyingggggggg!!

Overall, we're absolutely over the moon. I love the thought of having two boys so close in age. I love the thought of being the only lady in the house. I love the thought of Josh taking the boys out fishing. I love the thought of having two boys on the varsity basketball team at the same time. And I absolutely LOVE the thought of having two boys that will be the best of friends.

I love the thought of it all, and I'm just feeling really blessed.

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