Friday, February 22, 2013


Jacob slept thru the night for the FIRST time last night!!!! He slept 7pm-6:30am with no feeding and no crying!!

Of course, I didn't sleep that good- mostly in part to my gynormously engorged boobs! But I think I've also forgotten how to sleep! Time to train mom how to sleep thru the night.

When we went to the doctor on Monday for Jacob's ear follow-up, the pediatrician asked about sleeping (because she knows what a terrible sleeper he's been). I told her we were still nursing 1-2x at night. She told me he does not need to be eating at night anymore and gave me her blessing to let him cry. As sad as it was, Josh and I were ready and I have to say- this entire family is MUCH happier! Jacob wakes up energized and happy, and his naps have improved too!

Thank you, GOD!

Monday, February 11, 2013

We have a crawler!!

Jacob officially started crawling yesterday, and my did he catch on quick! Life as we know it has changed forever. It's so fun watching his eyes light up when he discovers new things! Not so much when that new thing is my iPhone on the charger tumbling onto his head though... Let the babyproofing begin!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Our first ear infection

Well, Jacob made it 8 months...but we have our first ear infection. He was diagnosed yesterday, and this morning he woke up with a ton of greenish yellow drainage in his ear. Turns out his ear drum perforated overnight. Ugh!! So we're now on amoxicillin for the ear infection and prescription drops for the perforation. Hopefully at our follow-up appointment on the 21st we'll be able to determine how large the perforation is.

Prayers for a quick recovery and no long-term side effects are appreciated!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jacob - 8 months

Age: 8 months
Weight: 21lbs 7oz (1 week ago)
Milestones: Hes still rolling all over the place, and SO CLOSE to crawling.  He gets up on all fours, but just hasn't figured out that his legs and arms have to work together.  He's also mastered going from laying down to sitting- a total pain during nap time and bed time!
Sleep: Still waking 1-2 times each night to eat, and still napping for 30 minutes
Eating: Still not really interested in solids, so we're still breastfeeding 5-6 times each day (including night feedings)
Clothes size: 12 months - 2T(!), depending on the brand
Diaper size: Size 4
Best Moment: Seeing him learn to crawl and pull-up
Worst Moment: Jacobs been sick a lot this month, and it breaks my heart. I can't wait for cold/flu season to be over!!
Favorite toy: He loves his Zany Zoo activity cube, his walker (still) and my old iPhone.
Teeth: No teeth, and no teething!
Looking forward to: His first Valentine's Day