Monday, March 30, 2009

guess who!?

Doesn't she look weird? Maybe its the missing clown makeup? Dunno...but just thought I'd share!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not so much 27 anymore

Well yes, I can confirm the reports that my birthday was this past Tuesday. And yes, I'm not 27 anymore. In fact, I turned 28. That's 2 yrs away from.......I don't even wanna say. Turning 28 wasn't so bad. Really, it didn't even register a blip on my Richter scale. 25 was more traumatic. I have a feeling the next one in 2 yrs will cause me to be slightly depressed & not in the mood to celebrate. At all. So, let's recap.

The big day started out good enough with cloudy skies & rain. Yippee. I went to work as usual & sat thru a 3 hour meeting, & left early at 3. Thankfully the skies had cleared & I went for a jog, then walked Mav & cleaned up for dinner. And what a dinner! Kate took me out to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse. Double eagle, because one just isn't good enough. Anywho, dinner was excellent. Started with Calamari, then the main course of filet with potatoes & mushrooms, & finishing with ice cream. There was an odd instance where one of the managers stopped by our table to tell us about their lounge area, complete with jazz musicians to play later that night. She went away & came back later to try to hard sell us & get us to put our names down & reserve a table. No thanks. What was funny was, after she left we looked over & the "lounge" area was pretty bare. Good thing we didn't reserve a table. But, it was a great dinner & exactly what I wanted for my b-day.

After dinner, because we weren't sufficiently stuffed enough, we came home & enjoyed slices of the delectable triple chocolate - Midnight Delight - ice cream cake Kate had got me. IT even had my name on it! Deeeeelish! This sent me into a food coma & soon lost conscience. I have to thank my lovely wife for a wonderful day. Love ya, babe!



So today I totally buckled. I am usually the strong one who INSISTS on following Lent rules...but today was no match for me. I don't know what the deal was, but I HAD to have Mexican food. And I'm not talking Taco Bell or Taco Bueno...I'm talking dirty, greasy Mexican food. One of our favorite Mexican restaurants is Ojeda's (in Plano, of course) and I just wouldn't settle for anything less. So of course Josh, being his encouraging-self, made me run before we gorged ourselves in Mexican delight.

I've never been so thankful for chips & salsa. We've gone to lunch several times since Lent started, and I've been really good about avoiding the chips...but today, I needed it. And it was good.

Anyways - I just had to share my weakness. I think I'm good for the rest of Lent.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 28th!

Today, is my wonderful husband's 28th birthday.
I wanted to take a quick second to wish him a very happy birthday, and to thank his mother and father for having him.
Josh is the most fabulous person in the entire world, and I feel completely blessed everyday to wake-up beside him.
This picture was taken soon after Josh's 6th birthday...and I think he looks fabulous.
I love you, honey. Happy birthday!

Monday, March 16, 2009

our "initiation" into party hosting

This weekend we had our biggest crowd yet - Emily & Aaron Rowan (Josh's sister & her husband), Josh's dad and his girlfriend, and Gary & Lora Funderburk (my boss & my father-in-law's college friends).

I'm still tired from being "on" for so long...BLAH!


Monday, March 9, 2009

i believe fun is a renewable resource

AMEN! This weekend was nothing but FUN! We finally had a weekend to ourselves, to enjoy the house, unpack and start on the little details throughout the house.

My first task - unpacking the plethora of boxes we had all over the house. I'm the type of girl that unpacks my luggage the second we get in the house from a vacation (after going to the bathroom, of course) let me just tell you...having boxes full of junk scattered all of the house is NOT my thing. I have been dying to unpack these boxes, so I was very glad to get those out of the way.

Second - Josh got to fertilize and mow the grass. It was only 86 degrees, and he was sweating pretty good...I can't wait to see him in the middle of August - EEK! " you want a cold beer"

Third - we replaced all our bathroom hardware (i.e. towel racks, toilet paper racks, hand towel racks, toothbrush holder, etc). Not only did we learn how to hang a toilet paper rack, but we learned how to use a drill! HAHA!

Fourth - we got to sleep in!!!!

I'm so thrilled to see how the house is evolving and it just feels so great to lay on our couch knowing we own this entire place.

I couldn't ask for anything more.


Saturday, March 7, 2009


So here is my first post from the comfort of our new house. Today I mowed my lawn for the first time. It's a cool feeling to mow your own yard. I guess I take a little more pride in it than when I mowed my parents' lawn growing up. Today was definitely a tidying up working outside & Kate inside, & then we both worked on touch-up paint. After a day's work is done it is really nice to just sit & take it all in, that this is our house where we will make so many memories. It makes me proud to see how we've customized it & to look at everything we have accomplished. Home ownership is cool. It's definitely work, & I've always heard that, but it's work that really, really pays off & is fun to do. I might not enjoy the yard work as much when it's 105 degrees in August,but I'll still gladly do it. So I guess this blog it just about me being happy to be here in my new house with my beautiful wife & salty sea dog (Mav).