Saturday, March 7, 2009


So here is my first post from the comfort of our new house. Today I mowed my lawn for the first time. It's a cool feeling to mow your own yard. I guess I take a little more pride in it than when I mowed my parents' lawn growing up. Today was definitely a tidying up working outside & Kate inside, & then we both worked on touch-up paint. After a day's work is done it is really nice to just sit & take it all in, that this is our house where we will make so many memories. It makes me proud to see how we've customized it & to look at everything we have accomplished. Home ownership is cool. It's definitely work, & I've always heard that, but it's work that really, really pays off & is fun to do. I might not enjoy the yard work as much when it's 105 degrees in August,but I'll still gladly do it. So I guess this blog it just about me being happy to be here in my new house with my beautiful wife & salty sea dog (Mav).

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