Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not so much 27 anymore

Well yes, I can confirm the reports that my birthday was this past Tuesday. And yes, I'm not 27 anymore. In fact, I turned 28. That's 2 yrs away from.......I don't even wanna say. Turning 28 wasn't so bad. Really, it didn't even register a blip on my Richter scale. 25 was more traumatic. I have a feeling the next one in 2 yrs will cause me to be slightly depressed & not in the mood to celebrate. At all. So, let's recap.

The big day started out good enough with cloudy skies & rain. Yippee. I went to work as usual & sat thru a 3 hour meeting, & left early at 3. Thankfully the skies had cleared & I went for a jog, then walked Mav & cleaned up for dinner. And what a dinner! Kate took me out to Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse. Double eagle, because one just isn't good enough. Anywho, dinner was excellent. Started with Calamari, then the main course of filet with potatoes & mushrooms, & finishing with ice cream. There was an odd instance where one of the managers stopped by our table to tell us about their lounge area, complete with jazz musicians to play later that night. She went away & came back later to try to hard sell us & get us to put our names down & reserve a table. No thanks. What was funny was, after she left we looked over & the "lounge" area was pretty bare. Good thing we didn't reserve a table. But, it was a great dinner & exactly what I wanted for my b-day.

After dinner, because we weren't sufficiently stuffed enough, we came home & enjoyed slices of the delectable triple chocolate - Midnight Delight - ice cream cake Kate had got me. IT even had my name on it! Deeeeelish! This sent me into a food coma & soon lost conscience. I have to thank my lovely wife for a wonderful day. Love ya, babe!


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