Tuesday, September 23, 2008

love to love to love ya!

Why, oh why, do the weekends go by so fast? I even had a 3 ½-day weekend and it still went by fast! I say 3 ½ because I got off early on Thursday to go to Austin to stand in my best friend’s wedding.

My best friend, Maggie, got married on Friday September 19th (our 2-month anniversary). The wedding was on Lake Travis at a gorgeously renovated home over-looking the lake. The views from the porch were breathtaking and the ceremony site was beautiful and shaded. I swear, its more stressful being a bridesmaid than a bride! I was so exhausted the entire weekend and SORE! Not really sure why? I guess it was also nice to be a bride and leave for a 9-day honeymoon…hmmm…Jamaica…

The weekend mostly consisted of wedding festivities. They had the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant on the lake. And when I say on the lake, I mean on the lake. Literally. The restaurant, The Pier, was actually on a marina dock (so cool).

Of course, all day Friday was spent getting glammed-out and then partying the night away.

Saturday we went to the bridal brunch at Taverna. They have $1 mimosas and killer breakfast. Josh got this yummy breakfast calzone stuffed with eggs, cheese, bacon – YUMM!! Saturday evening we met up with another of my best friends and watched the UT game. On Sunday we washed my new car (so much easier at my parents’ house) and then headed back to P-town.

I love weddings. Especially weddings between two people that truly love each other. Maggie and her husband, Josh (funny, huh?), have been together for 7 years! The 19th was actually their 7-year anniversary!! I wish them all the best, as they continue to grow and learn together. Nothing compares to being married and spending everyday with someone. I can only hope their love will last forever.

Now that we’re on the subject, I want to also thank my husband for being such a wonderful man. I have truly enjoyed the last 2-months and I can’t wait to make millions and millions of memories together.

"The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul, makes us reach for more, plants a fire in our hearts, and brings peace to our minds."


Sunday, September 14, 2008

free jeans, anyone?

As much as I complain about my job, I must say...the perks are amazing. Free lunches, happy hours and goodie bags are a typical occurrence at my office. Having reps kiss your ass 5 days a week isn't always a bad thing. Especially when they take you to a little piece of heaven, better known as The Blues Jean Bar.

The store is setup like a pub - you walk up to the bar and pick from what they have on "tap".

Of course, mile-long legs are not optimal at places like this. Trying to find 36" inseams is like trying to find the Heart of the Ocean.

The rep that brought us to the BJB is one of our fabulous gay reps; he dresses better than me and his hair looks like something out of a magazine. He decided cocktails, hor'dourves and a free pair of jeans would be a perfect client appreciation event for an office full of women - he was right.

We, all 15 of us, spent 2 hours trying on TONS of jeans. Everyone found a pair except for me and the other 6-footer in the office. It was so depressing! We are both really tall and slender...how did we not find jeans?! Seriously! Finally, at the end of the night I was liquored-up and depressed. I think one of the teeny-SMU-sorority girl-employees noticed and she brought me a pair of Kasil jeans. The pair barely touched the floor, but had a 1-inch hem - so I'm thinking when I take out the hem it will be perfect. This is what they look like:

Anyways, all in all it was a wonderful night. The night ended with Josh's blog below. Uptown was a bummer, but nothing beats free jeans!

Much love,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Over it.....

I'm so over Uptown. Kate & I went down to Uptown Friday night, since she had an office event in University Park & there was a place (Village Burger Bar) we wanted to try. First of all, parking in Uptown sucks. It really sucks. We drove around for a while searching for parking, even going all the way up & all the way down in one parking garage, to no avail. Eventually, we decided to park next to one restaurant & walk a few blocks. Village Burger Bar is good, but it's kinda small & different than other date places we usually go. I like to take my wife out every now & then to a place we can sit down for a while, relax, & have a good talk with good food. VBB was more like a quick stop. Good food, but not a sit-down & relax kind of place. We decided to try to find another place after we ate to have a drink, but every place we went to was packed with girls dressed like skanks & guys looking like the Gotti boys. Freakin' almost made me puke. Uptown Dallas is so stupid. There was a time when I could stand going to a place & waiting for a drink forever & standing shoulder to shoulder with music so loud it wakes the dead, but I'm so over it all. I'm fine with busy places, but there's something about the Uptown crowd & all the $30,000 millionaires that sucks. Kate & I declined our options on the places we had available to us, & instead decided to head back home.....back to normal....back to tolerable......back to Plano. But first we had to sit thru stop & go traffic; another thing I hate about Dallas. Here in Plano, we have everything within reach without having to deal with traffic or other Dallas headaches. Just thought I'd rant.

Today we somehow managed to survive thru Hurricane Ike (I mean, rainstorm Ike) & stayed indoors. Cooked some great spaghetti sauce, & watched football.

I'm so over Uptown.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Now this may sound a little odd, especially coming from little old me, but Activia is quite possibly the best thing that's ever happened to me.

My life used to be full of uncertainty and doubt. I used to wake up in the mornings feeling bloated and tired. I used to not be able to remember the last time I "went".

But let me tell you...ever since my husband introduced me to Activia, I've been 100% better - literally within 24 hours.

I suggest everyone go out and take the 14 day challenge. It will change your life or you get your money back.

Just sayin'...if Jamie Lee can do it, you can do it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

in-laws, skinny jeans, BritBrit...oh my!

Well, it’s Monday again. And I’ve already got my eye on next weekend. Why does the work week inch by like a slow-moving slug, but the weekends FLYY by and nothing can slow them down?? I already feel like we need a vacation and we’ve only been back from our honeymoon for 6 weeks! Oh well, enough bitching.

This weekend was fun: we had Josh’s dad, sister and their significant others over for a Saturday afternoon BBQ and pool session. It was the first time we’ve seen everyone together since the wedding, so that was nice. I feel so fortunate to actually get along with my in-laws, which I hear is quite an oddity these days. Anywho, of course I was exhausted after everyone left and was in bed by 9pm – like the old fart I am.

This Sunday was the first official Sunday of football season, and let me tell you…I’m almost as excited as my husband. Football season means cooler temperatures and cool-weather-food (think chili). After 15+ 100° days here in Dallas this summer, I can’t WAIT for cooler temperatures. Plus, I get to watch Jason Witten run around in tight pants and no undies.

I also got my first pair of skinny jeans this weekend. I always thought you had to be anorexicly-skinny like Mischa Barton to wear skinny jeans, but I was wrong. I decided to try a pair on, since ALL my fav celebs are wearing them these days…and WAALAAA! They made my thighs look skinny and my toosh look fab – I think everyone needs to get a pair! And a new pair of killer red heels to go with them! Here are my picks:

Also, did anyone watch the VMAs last night? The only reason I was half-way interested in them was because there was supposed to be a “secret” episode of the Hills before. Well, me and my time-dyslexia forgot that we are behind the East Coast and missed the 6:30pm episode! Once my husband revealed to me what had happened I immediately went to www.mtv.com to watch the episode, but the player was broken! Ugh! What a night! Anyways, congrats to BritBrit for winning 3 moonmen! She looked awesome, by the way – I smell a come-back! And Kanye West premiered his new song “Love Lockdown” – check it out!

All in all, it was a good weekend and I’m ready for another! Time to take on the week…grrr….