Saturday, September 13, 2008

Over it.....

I'm so over Uptown. Kate & I went down to Uptown Friday night, since she had an office event in University Park & there was a place (Village Burger Bar) we wanted to try. First of all, parking in Uptown sucks. It really sucks. We drove around for a while searching for parking, even going all the way up & all the way down in one parking garage, to no avail. Eventually, we decided to park next to one restaurant & walk a few blocks. Village Burger Bar is good, but it's kinda small & different than other date places we usually go. I like to take my wife out every now & then to a place we can sit down for a while, relax, & have a good talk with good food. VBB was more like a quick stop. Good food, but not a sit-down & relax kind of place. We decided to try to find another place after we ate to have a drink, but every place we went to was packed with girls dressed like skanks & guys looking like the Gotti boys. Freakin' almost made me puke. Uptown Dallas is so stupid. There was a time when I could stand going to a place & waiting for a drink forever & standing shoulder to shoulder with music so loud it wakes the dead, but I'm so over it all. I'm fine with busy places, but there's something about the Uptown crowd & all the $30,000 millionaires that sucks. Kate & I declined our options on the places we had available to us, & instead decided to head back home.....back to normal....back to tolerable......back to Plano. But first we had to sit thru stop & go traffic; another thing I hate about Dallas. Here in Plano, we have everything within reach without having to deal with traffic or other Dallas headaches. Just thought I'd rant.

Today we somehow managed to survive thru Hurricane Ike (I mean, rainstorm Ike) & stayed indoors. Cooked some great spaghetti sauce, & watched football.

I'm so over Uptown.


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