Monday, September 8, 2008

in-laws, skinny jeans, BritBrit...oh my!

Well, it’s Monday again. And I’ve already got my eye on next weekend. Why does the work week inch by like a slow-moving slug, but the weekends FLYY by and nothing can slow them down?? I already feel like we need a vacation and we’ve only been back from our honeymoon for 6 weeks! Oh well, enough bitching.

This weekend was fun: we had Josh’s dad, sister and their significant others over for a Saturday afternoon BBQ and pool session. It was the first time we’ve seen everyone together since the wedding, so that was nice. I feel so fortunate to actually get along with my in-laws, which I hear is quite an oddity these days. Anywho, of course I was exhausted after everyone left and was in bed by 9pm – like the old fart I am.

This Sunday was the first official Sunday of football season, and let me tell you…I’m almost as excited as my husband. Football season means cooler temperatures and cool-weather-food (think chili). After 15+ 100° days here in Dallas this summer, I can’t WAIT for cooler temperatures. Plus, I get to watch Jason Witten run around in tight pants and no undies.

I also got my first pair of skinny jeans this weekend. I always thought you had to be anorexicly-skinny like Mischa Barton to wear skinny jeans, but I was wrong. I decided to try a pair on, since ALL my fav celebs are wearing them these days…and WAALAAA! They made my thighs look skinny and my toosh look fab – I think everyone needs to get a pair! And a new pair of killer red heels to go with them! Here are my picks:

Also, did anyone watch the VMAs last night? The only reason I was half-way interested in them was because there was supposed to be a “secret” episode of the Hills before. Well, me and my time-dyslexia forgot that we are behind the East Coast and missed the 6:30pm episode! Once my husband revealed to me what had happened I immediately went to to watch the episode, but the player was broken! Ugh! What a night! Anyways, congrats to BritBrit for winning 3 moonmen! She looked awesome, by the way – I smell a come-back! And Kanye West premiered his new song “Love Lockdown” – check it out!

All in all, it was a good weekend and I’m ready for another! Time to take on the week…grrr….


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