Friday, February 22, 2013


Jacob slept thru the night for the FIRST time last night!!!! He slept 7pm-6:30am with no feeding and no crying!!

Of course, I didn't sleep that good- mostly in part to my gynormously engorged boobs! But I think I've also forgotten how to sleep! Time to train mom how to sleep thru the night.

When we went to the doctor on Monday for Jacob's ear follow-up, the pediatrician asked about sleeping (because she knows what a terrible sleeper he's been). I told her we were still nursing 1-2x at night. She told me he does not need to be eating at night anymore and gave me her blessing to let him cry. As sad as it was, Josh and I were ready and I have to say- this entire family is MUCH happier! Jacob wakes up energized and happy, and his naps have improved too!

Thank you, GOD!

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