Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jacob - 9 months

Age: 9 months
Height: 29"
Weight: 21lbs, 13oz
Milestones: Jacob is a professional crawler now. It seems like as soon as he figured it out, he was off! He also started pulling up on everything.  I can't keep the boy down off stuff.  He learned how to clap last week, and boy does he love that trick!  Everything warrants a standing ovation these days. He has also mastered the sippy cup, but we only give him water right now. We also put the tray on his stroller, so he doesn't have to be buckled in and he is sooo loving that! He can lean up really far and watch the doggies or stick his head out and look back at me- too cute! He can also pick up small things with his thumb and pointer finger, like Cheerio's, and feed himself.  I swear the kid finds every speck of dirt on my floors.
Sleep: I reported a few weeks ago that he slept thru the night, and he's done it one other time, but most nights he wakes up and I've been caving and feeding him because I just can't stand to hear him cry and I'm tired!!! His naps are hit or miss.  I can usually get 1 good nap out of him (1-2 hours), but some days he takes 3x 30 min naps.  I am, however, leaving him in there for a full hour.  So nap time usually involves crying. :(
Eating: He's finally eating solids!! We're on a pretty great schedule now that includes 3 meals and 5 nursing sessions. He prefers blends with some sort of fruit and he loves yogurt! I noticed that when I stopped feeding him at night, his daytime eating improved.
Clothes size: 12 months - 2T(!), depending on the brand
Diaper size: Size 4
Best Moment: Definitely the night he slept thru the night - hopefully that happens more often in the upcoming months. His first Valentine's Day was super cute and special too. Having a baby to celebrate holidays with makes it so much better!!
Worst Moment: His ear infection and subsequent rupture- there's nothing worse than not being able to help your baby when they're in pain.  And forcing nasty antibiotics down their throat and sucking their nose every 2 hours definitely doesn't make up for it!
Favorite toy: Right now he's loving his ballcano and sports thingy we bought him for Christmas.  He loves pulling up on them and playing with the balls.  He also enjoys cruising on the couch and coffee table.
Teeth: None, but I do think we've started teething! Lots of drool, a little diarrhea and gnawing of the fingers.
Looking forward to: Daddy's birthday is in a few weeks- can't wait to celebrate with my 2 boys! They make my world go round...

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