Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bob Marley won't get out of my head

So we're just about 3 months into this wonderful journey called marriage & what have we learned? It's wonderful living with my best friend & love of my life. We really are a team. Margaritas are good but too many can make a day disappear. Trips to Garden Ridge are inevitable. Date nights are important. The economy really sucks. Politicians suck worse. Altimas are nice. Weekends always end up busy. Jamaica is awesome & we need to visit more often. Compromise. I can't tell my wife enough how much I love her.

I didn't really have a plan for this blog. Life is going good & even in these times of economic struggle we have an optomistic outlook for out future & discuss plans for our future. It's fun hanging out together everyday & telling each other about our days, & then laughing at the things in life that are rediculous. But these are things you all already know. So, on to the holiday season! Our next vacation is being discussed & we're taking suggestions from our loyal fanbase. Keep the letters coming, & stay tuned. My lovely wife is home from work now, & I have to go.


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