Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baby makes FOUR!

I cannot believe I'm saying this again, but...WE'RE EXPECTING!!!

Baby Soko #2 is due in December 2014 and will certainly be the best Christmas present for our entire family!! 

We're BEYOND EXCITED to see Jacob as a big brother. I just know he'll be the sweetest.
More details to come. But for now, this pregnant lady needs a cookie and a nap! ;)


  1. Super exciting! Congratulations! Definitely indulge in those naps. Since having our second I have never been so tired! Don't get me wrong, life has never been more fun, but I don't have as many opportunities to nap any more. So rest up, lady!

    1. My first was the WORLDS WORST SLEEPER, like seriously. He was so bad. So I feel like I've already been initiated into the "you've never been this tired in your life" club. Although I'm sure 2 are just a total curveball. I can't wait!!! :))