Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jacob's 2nd Birthday Inspiration: Construction Crew!

I can hardly believe Jacob's SECOND birthday is just around the corner. I swear it seems like yesterday we were celebrating him turning ONE! I say it all the time, but where on Earth does the time go?! Goodness!!

This year I thought a construction theme would be fun. Mostly because he's obsessed with trucks and things that "go", plus I can pretty much DIY everything and Jacob will just keep all the props to play with later! Win | Win in my book!

The party will be in the afternoon, so I won't serve a full meal like last year- just some easy finger foods, and cake and ice cream, of course! I love the idea of incorporating actual Tonka trucks on the food table, too.
We're giving Jacob a large wooden swingset for his birthday, so that'll hopefully keep the kids busy in the backyard! We just have to put it together in the upcoming weeks...cough, cough...

Hope you're having a lovely "pre-Friday!" Cheers!

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