Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy birthday, Josh!

Josh turned 33 today and we have had a fabulous 5-day weekend celebrating!

His birthday conveniently falls around the beginning of March Madness, so being the basketball fanatics that we are, he took days off work to watch. 

We have had so much fun, eating, drinking, napping, cheering, etc. 

Thursday and Friday were literally spent on the couch watching basketball ALL day, eating yummy food (think buffalo wings and pizza), day drinking and freaking out over all the close games and OT. I seriously can't remember another tournament with so many good games!! We were super sad to see our Blue Devils lose in the first round.

On Saturday morning, we took Jacob for his first haircut.

I think my heart broke a bit after it was done. He looks so old!!! Tear!

SaturDAY was spent watching more hoops, naptime for everyone and an early dinner with Josh's family. 

My parents came to town Sunday for lunch and cake.
Which was followed by a 2.5 hour nap and basketball. (noticing a theme yet??? LOL)

On his actual birthday (today), we did more of the things he loves. I made a delicious breakfast with potato, egg, bacon and cheese breakfast tacos and fresh OJ. We went to Home Depot (his favorite store), bought flowers and planted them. Went for a family jog to the park and played with Jacob. Had a yummy happy hour in our backyard. And had Pei Wei for dinner. Whew! I'm tired from just typing that! Haha!

Happiest birthday to my amazing husband, best friend and partner in crime. I am so lucky to have you! I hope you had a good weekend. 

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  1. It definitely sounds like a fun weekend! It is my husband’s 30th birthday next month and I have booked one of the venues in NYC for the huge celebration, I have invited all his old and new friends and have also planned some cool activities for the boys. I hope I am able to make his day a very special one.