Thursday, October 16, 2014

State Fair of Texas

We took Jacob to the State Fair yesterday and oh my goodness, we had so much fun!!! This age is such a blast- he remembers things, he understands and gets excited over stuff. Which definitely makes lugging all our crap to something like that much more pleasurable and quite honestly- worth it.

We started off the day at the auto show. This is, by far, Josh's favorite part and Jacob is quickly learning to love it, too! It's so so cute seeing them jump in and out of all the cars and trucks. Jacob nearly died when he saw the Jeeps. If you know anything about my boy, it's that he LOVES Jeeps!

This picture is awful, but I love seeing both of them smile so big. They were in heaven! (oh, and PS- notice the water bottles in the cup holders, he insisted on putting two drinks in there! Ha!)

Next we walked by Big Tex, a State Fair must! It was the perfect timing because he said "Howdyyy, folks!" right when we walked up! Jacob was thoroughly impressed! (nothing like a little double chin selfie...eww...but Jacob and Josh look good!)

A first for us this year was the Children's Boardwalk area. It was really neat! They had face painting and temporary tattoos and sidewalk chalk. Of course, Jacob wanted nothing to do with any of that. All he really wanted to do was R U N. So typical! But I did get a few cute pictures of him checking out the horses and elephant.

Next up was the petting zoo. Some pictures worth noting...
That HUGE pig. It's the first time I've ever seen it actually stand up and walk around! Talk about whoa!
That camel scared the  s h i t  out of Jacob. And that picture might be the best picture from the whole day!
And lastly, that baby llama. Le sigh. Cutest damn thing ever, and it was only 3 days old!!!

Next up- FOOD! Corny dogs, fresh-squeezed lemonade and tater twisters were on the menu. YUMMY! I kept trying to find a few of the new fried things, but it seemed we walked past them or missed them all together. Whatev.

Last thing we did was hit up the dog show. Jacob was dancing and clapping, it was so cute! Somehow I managed to not take a picture of the actual dogs, but Jacob was adorable! ;)

AANNDD according to this picture, I'd call the day a success! :)

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