Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY tutorial - galvanized letters

I've been in love with the Anthropologie Zinc Letters since forever, but at $18 a pop, it wasn't practical for Judson's room.
I had honestly kinda moved past them, because like I said- I couldn't swallow the cost, when I stumbled upon a Pinterest tutorial to copy them. It was like fate! Ha!
So, I ran over to HobLob and got all the supplies, and went to work. I am so thrilled with the results!
DIY galvanized letters

I decided to do a quick tutorial, because this is SUPER easy and I think it really does look like the Anthro letters.
Alright, so let's start.

First, you're going to need:
Paper mache letters (HobLob for $2.99/ea)
Black acrylic paint
Silver metallic acrylic paint
Paint brush
The first step is to take off all the price tag stickers. Please do this. You will thank me later.
Next, paint all the letters black. Make sure to get the front and sides. Then let them dry completely (I let them dry overnight).
DIY galvanized letters

Next step is to go over the black with a thin layer of the silver metallic paint. Less is more here. You can always add more paint, but you can't take it off. The goal is to use long brush strokes to give the appearance of metal.
You can see my technique here. I just started on 1 side and went up/down and kept the brush strokes going the same way.
DIY galvanized letters
You can see the brush strokes that I was talking about in this picture.

DIY galvanized letters

TA DAA!! That's it!

DIY galvanized letters

What do y'all think?? I can't wait to get these up on the walls in Mr. Judson's room. And the best part is they're super light, so you can just use command strips to adhere them to the wall.

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