Monday, October 27, 2014

Judson's Diaper Shower

Over the weekend, one of my dear friends threw us a BBQ diaper shower. To say we are blessed is a complete understatement. I'm still beaming from happiness! We are far more blessed than we deserve, and are so incredibly thankful for all our family and friends.

My sister took a TON of pictures for us, so this post will mostly be pictures. Let's get started!
My sister-in-law made these amazing party favors! They're little BBQ sauces with "Judson" and his due date. How totally adorable and people can actually use them (the sauce inside is delicious!).
Here's the food table and diaper cake. We had the most delicious BBQ spread, complete with mashed potato casserole, brown sugar baked beans, coleslaw, and sliced brisket sandwiches. Everything was perfect! And I love the diaper cake- the little lamb on top says the Lord's Prayer! What a special present for sweet Judson!

Baby showers the second time around take on a whole new feel, since we all have kids now! I just love watching the kids play together!

My mom got in on some of the playroom action.

After the kids played a bit and everyone chatted, it was time to EAT! Please excuse my cellulite upper thigh in nearly all of these pictures. I knew that dress was a tad too short for me, and all these pictures prove it! :-|

Somehow this was the only picture I got of the three of us...

 This ham was l-o-v-i-n-g the beans and potato casserole!

My parents gave Jacob a little tractor at the shower, so he didn't feel left out. Such a sweet gesture! It nearly brought me to tears, just thinking about how his little world is about to be rocked and he has no idea.

Various party pictures...

Jacob and Emma (my best friend's daughter) had to hug and kiss goodbye. You know I'm saving these pictures for their wedding!

A picture with all my sweet hostesses! From left to right: my two best friends from HS, my sister-in-law, ME, my sweet friend who opened her home to us, and her mom (who happens to be our neighbor and Jacob's third Grandma!). Love all these ladies so much and am so thankful for their friendships.

And the aftermath. Poor nugget was wiped-out after such a fun day!

I had Josh unload everything in Judson's room, and when I finally went in there, I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, I just had to take a picture! We got 800+ diapers and 1,000+ wipes, plus loads of other goodies!

Sweet Judson, you are so loved already and we cannot wait to meet you! Please stay put for another month or so, but then you're welcome out any time! We love you, little boy!

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