Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday + Oh Hey, Friday!

Linking up with all the lovely gals for Five on Friday again this week! And this week, I got invited to join Oh Hey, Friday! Sooo...we're linkin' up double time! FUN! Sharing a few items that I've already put on my Christmas List. So, Santa- if you're reading....hint, hint ;)


With Baby #2, I think I'll be doing a lot of babywearing and nursing in public. Neither of which I did much of with Jacob, because I didn't really have to! I'm thinking this breastfeeding cover that turns into a scarf is genius and the perfect accessory!

I've been on the hunt for a great wallet/wristlet that can hold all my credit cards, money, cell phone and keys. I think this one is totally versatile and would be so easy to throw in a diaper bag or yank out when I'm out alone (gasp).


Something I've lusted over for a year now is this Herringbone puffer jacket at JCrew. It's just so beautiful, and would go with everythang!!


I wear two "J" necklaces every singe day. I never take them off, even for showers or working out. They were pretty cheap and are starting to get a little tarnished (and dare I say rusty!), so I'd really like to "upgrade" to better quality necklaces, considering I wear them 24/7. These Stella & Dot necklaces are gorgeous, high quality and I can have the entire name engraved on them, which I love!


And last, but certainly not least. I need/want a new watch. My MK watch has been through the ringer. This one is classic.

What about y'all?? Have you been eyeing anything for Christmas already? Or am I really just that shallow? Cheers!!


  1. girl. i'm about to have baby #2 in a few congrats on your baby #2. as far as that scarf/nursing cover...i NEVER wore mine because i didn't like how it laid directly on my gal's face. i felt like i had to constantly watch if she was able to breathe...and she got super hot with it being directly on her face. just a personal opinion. :) however...that little wristlet wallet is wonderful! i need to snag one for myself that i can just slip right into our BIGGER diaper bag. guh. :) found you through five on friday! if you get a wild hair and want to link up for oh hey, friday! we would love to have you!

    1. That's so good to know!! So what nursing cover did you like (if anything)? Thanks for dropping by!!! :)

  2. I love small clutches that just hold the basics! Sometimes a big purse is just not manageable!

    1. I absolutely agree! I have a good one, but it's not a wallet-type one, so I still have to put my wallet in it. Ya know?