Friday, October 24, 2014

Five on Friday + Oh Hey, Friday!

Hey, y'all!!! Happy Friday! I am so so thankful it's Friday and the weekend is upon us! Jacob is napping, so I literally have hours until daddy is home. Woohoo! :)
Today I'm linking up with the lovely ladies of Five on Friday and Oh Hey, Friday! So, let's get this party started! :)

Lately my patience has seriously been worn thin. I wake up cranky, I go through the day cranky, and it isn't until Josh gets home that I can truly relax. Makes for long days (and weeks). Jacob's pre-school posted this on Facebook this morning and it really resonated with me. After a wild trip to the park with friends this morning, it's just what I needed to read. Breathe and relax.

On the subject of wild and crazy, please look at this picture. This is how Jacob insists on eating his lunch. Ha!

I rescheduled our maternity pictures for mid-November, so my bump would be bigger, which gives me a little more time to plan our outfits. We're taking them outdoors at a nature preserve, so I'm thinking creams/oranges/navy. I loooove this picture and plan to recreate it, with Jakey in the middle. :) Thoughts?

Really want to do a fall maturnity photo shoot. This pic is so cute!
I also started thinking about our newborn shoot. I love the lifestyle look, like in our own house. But I really want some pictures like I did with Jacob, in front of the backdrop. Soooo I dunno?! Making decisions while 7.5 months pregnant shouldn't be allowed! :) Here's our outfits for that.

Picking out outfits for 3 guys is actually so much fun! I love coordinating with different prints And it's nice because dudes don't have accessories (which is not really my strong suit). I get so giddy just thinking about future photo shoots with all my boys, especially once Judson can crawl/walk and show off his outfit. EEK! Loves!

plaid copy.png
Accessory Jane is running a pre-order for these goooorgeous Tartan Plaid Blanket Scarves that are so hot right now. $28 is a great price and AJ is a lovely business, I've always been extremely happy with everything I've ordered from them, and these ship in 2-3 weeks!

Hope y'all have a looooovely weekend! We have our diaper shower on Sunday, which I am so looking forward to! Can't wait to see all our friends and family, and celebrate sweet baby Judd!


  1. Love the idea for the maternity pictures! We are having a couples shoot next week with the same idea. Coming up with an outfit is so hard, though!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Outfits are tricky, especially in Texas where you never know what the weather will be like! :) Sounds like fun though!