Monday, September 22, 2014

Name Game

Baby names are super important to me. Like in a weird, indescribable way. I get very sensitive and protective over my name choice; probably because people are so damn judgmental and most people don't realize they're being offensive when they say "oh, that's interesting...."

I try to keep it on the down low  for as long as possible, mostly for my heart. But alas- the time has come. Baby showers are coming up and people want to know!

We landed on a name shortly after we found out we were having another boy. Honestly, it was the only boy name I liked and Josh agreed!

Besides family and close friends, we haven't shared it yet because the middle name has sentimental value (like Jacob) and we wanted to let his namesake know before everyone else. Seems fair, right?!

So, without further adieu...our second baby will be...

All the men in Josh's family have "J" names; hence Josh and Jacob and Judson. Lots of J's! I'm going to be confusing them 24/7 (like I'm not doing that already). I love the name Hudson, and thought using a J at the beginning would be a little different but not too wild. I'm not about wild, weird names.

Cody is the last name of Josh's high school basketball coach, who taught Josh much more than just basketball. If you ask him, he'll tell you that Coach Cody has been a role model for him his entire life and continues to be. We had a lovely time with Coach a few weekends ago, when we told him our name plans. He was surprised and thankful, just the humble reaction we all expected.

Of course, we are super excited for little Judson "Judd" to make his arrival. I can hardly believe I have 11 weeks left! It feels like just yesterday that we found out I was pregnant. And here we are, jumping into the last trimester. Which, might I add- might be my final trimester EVER. EEK!

Hope you're having a lovely Monday! Cheers!

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