Thursday, September 25, 2014

Josh's Take on the Name

Josh did a post on Jacob's name back in March 2012, so I thought I'd let him do a post on Judson's name. Here it is...
The selection of our second son’s name was, really, pretty easy & quick.  Kate has noted that all of the Sokolewicz men going back to my Grandpa have J first names: Joseph, John, James (Jim), Jason, Josh, & Jacob.  So, we wanted to continue that without re-using a name yet.  I think Kate & I both also liked the idea of something not every day, yet also not far-out (think: Jamiroquai).  We would both brainstorm & look around name lists online.  Kate came across Judson, which was a formal version of a name I had thought of but hadn’t suggested yet: Judd.  We liked it enough to pencil it in, & as time went by it really grew on us.
For the middle name, we both like the idea of having meaning behind it.  Jacob’s middle name is Monroe, in honor of Kate’s side of the family.  When we found out our second baby was going to be a boy, I had a few ideas for a middle name but really all along I had one that I wanted: Cody.  Coach Jeff Cody, outside of my parents, has had the biggest influence on my life.  He has been a role model & second father figure to me, & as I have gotten older I have realized how lucky I was to have had him as my high school coach.  In college, I learned that most guys didn’t have a coach near his caliber.  Also, his wife served as Principal at my elementary school & continued to be in my life.  Together in their marriage & their family, Coach & Mrs. Cody are an example to me & Kate.  Knowing all this, I could not think of a better middle name for Judson & I’ll be thrilled in the future to tell him the origin of his middle name.

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