Monday, June 9, 2014

Jacob's 2nd birthday party

We had Jacob's SECOND birthday party this weekend at our house, and I would consider it a success. My energy and motivation were seriously lacking this year (thanks preggo brain), so I went for a pretty low-key party with friends and family. It was so low-key that I completely forgot to bring out the fruit tray I prepared! Ack!
Anyways, here's some of the decorations and pictures from the party.
I sent a BUNCH (I think 90) Instagram pictures directly from my iPhone to Walgreens, had them printed and taped them to the wall in the number "2." I love looking at all the pictures and had such a fun time putting them all up and reminiscing. It's absolutely incredible to see his transformation over the past year!
And no party of mine is complete without a personalized chalkboard by moi. I was pretty proud of this one.

I always put the desserts on our buffet. It's kind of in a walkway/pass-thru to the kitchen, so people can walk by the cake and admire it. In addition to the cake, I also had a family friend make these adorable cookies. I somehow missed a close-up of the cookies, but they were sooo cute!
This year, I decided to make the cake myself. Which was fun, because I also got to destroy it too! Ha!

I used a few of Jacob's birthday presents (the construction trucks) on the food table as "props." We had Chic-fil-a nuggets (which I swear are my new go-to party food- so easy and everyone loves them!), queso, pretzels and cheese balls. Should've also had a fruit tray...oh well!

I quickly and cheaply made this wreath with a foam wreath form I had, and some caution tape I bought at HobLob (which I also used to wrap a pillar in our house). I think it turned out perfect for the day!

I leave you with a few party pictures, most of which include ME being WAY MORE excited than Jacob. Haha! Soooo typical!

Jacob got so many trucks and tractors. I swear every time he opened a new present, he was freaking out! It was so so cute!
And, a picture of our little family. I still cannot believe our sweet baby is TWO! I think I've had a harder time swallowing TWO than I did with ONE!? How is that possible?!

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  1. Aw, what a sweet day to celebrate Jacob! I love the truck dumping the cheese balls into the bowl :)