Friday, June 20, 2014

Our bath/bedtime routine + products we love

Our bedtime routine has been virtually the same since Jacob was about 6 weeks old. The actual time we start everything varies, depending on what we're doing that evening and how Jacob's nap was, but for the most part- everything else is exactly the same.

Jacob has always been a sweaty, busy boy, so we bathe him every single night. At the beginning, we wouldn't use soap every night, but we'd still put him in the sink/tub and splash around.

So, here's our routine and rough schedule based on an average night:

6pm - dinner
After dinner, we usually go outside and play or go for a family walk.
7:30pm - wind down while watching Bubble Guppies and drinking a smoothie
8pm - brush teeth and take a bath
8:15pm - dry him off, apply butt paste, put on a night diaper and PJs
8:20pm - read a bedtime story
8:30pm - sing "Jesus Loves Me" and put him down for the night

Since we weaned and sleep trained Jacob around 11 months, we have had NO PROBLEMS with him falling asleep at night. He hardly ever whines or makes a peep, and it usually takes him ~5 minutes to get comfy and fall asleep. I believe we are blessed in this department, but let me tell you- it took get him there, the first 9 months of his life were brutal.

In terms of bath and bedtime products, here's a quick rundown on our favorites.

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