Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Judson's Nursery

I have been putting this post off for forever, mostly because of this...

Real life, folks. Judson's room used to be Jacob's playroom, and he's clearly having separation anxiety. Every time I clear out this room, Jacob immediately brings all his crap back in plus more. A big F YOU to ole mom, I suppose. Anyways, I finally just took pictures, because this is real life and I shouldn't try to hide it.

I had a lot of fun decorating Judson's nursery, and thankfully I did most of it during the second trimester, because this mama is  t i r e d. I stuck with a grey and navy color scheme, which made things a bit harder because it started getting a little monotonous. But whatever. Let's get this party started.

I made these letters and I absolutely love the way they turned out! They blend in with the grey walls, but still have a nice sheen and POP to them to stand out. I just love them! I did a short tutorial here, if you're interested in making your own.

His crib and bedding were really my inspiration for the entire room. I fell in love with the Preston crib bedding at Pottery Barn Kids and knew I had to have it, regardless of boy or girl. Once I decided on that, I knew a grey crib was necessary. BUT finding a grey crib (at a reasonable price) is kinda hard! I finally decided on this DaVinci crib in slate and waited for  m o n t h s  for it to come back in stock and be delivered. I'm so glad I did thought, because it really is gorgeous!

Josh made this window shelf unit, which I'm certain will help block out sunlight, and I decorated it with a few little toys. If you've been following my blog for awhile or have seen Jacob's room, then the toys in the foreground should look familiar. They're old school toys of Josh and mine, and were in Jacob's nursery until just recently. I just love the nostalgia of it all.

The changing table wall is my favorite part of the whole room, because of that one-of-a-kind gem hanging on the wall. Jacob painted the whole thing and I absolutely LOVE IT! He had so much fun with it and I can just see his personality in it. I really hope Judson loves it (eventually) and it sticks around our house for years to come.

I'm also pretty much obsessed with that lamp. It has a "night light" in the actual lantern that flickers like a real lantern. I just love it! The dresser is DaVinci as well, and was a real beating to put together. Ha!

We'll be moving the rocker from Jacob's room into this room, but we still use it quite a bit with Jacob, so we're trying to come up with a solution for that little problemo.

Soo...what do you think?! I just love how bright and airy this room is, and I hope Judson loves it too!

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