Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Halloween started out so much more fun this year. Jacob was so into all of it- the decorations, the shows, the costumes, the festive food! Oh my!

But unfortunately that's where it ends. Because at 2:30am on Friday morning (Halloween morning), he woke up and threw up all over his crib and himself. It was a mess! And he was so upset and scared. He kept apologizing to me, which broke my heart even more.

Poor guy had an even rougher night. He threw up two hours after going down and was really upset. We typically have a pretty strict "no babies in our bed" rule, but even HE was suggesting that he sleep in our bed. So in he went. He threw up two more times while in our bed, but we were able to respond quickly with a bucket. 

He woke up Saturday and initially acted ok, but quickly went downhill and we all wound up on the couch all day again. He threw up again around 6:30pm. 

Saturday night he slept in his crib all night (thank goodness) and woke up a handful of times, but we were able to resettle him.

Today was another day spent on the couch. I decided to take him to Care Now this afternoon, because he was just so pathetic and I didn't feel proactive just sitting at home. Strep and flu tests came back negative, and his ears were clear, so they said it's just a viral infection and could take 5-10 days to recover from. Blah!

So...I apologize if you expected an actual Halloween recap. I was so looking forward to Halloween this year, so it's a real bummer for us. But, we gotta get this little nugget back to health, and I wanted to document all this for my personal use.

Hope y'all had a fun Halloween!

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