Monday, December 8, 2014

Hospital Bag

I think 39 weeks 6 days is a marvelous time to pack your hospital bag! Well, that's if you're like me and have a steel trap of a vagina. I'm not bitter, promise.

Last go around I packed entirely too much stuff, for me and for the babe, so I'm trying to simplify the list this time. The good news is, if you happen to forget something, the hospital has everything you'll need for the baby. It might not be the best stuff, but it works! Here are my lists.
hospital bag essentials for mom
Nursing camis  I had a really good experience with these camis with Jacob, so I plan on buying a few more this time, since they do get a little nasty after a year of use! Buy a size larger than you would normally to account for your ginormous ta-tas.
Comfy pants  these are my all-time favorite lounge pants. I've been wearing them every day since about 36 weeks and plan to wear them for another 36 weeks. Ha! I so wish I was kidding. And I love that they come in long.
Open front cardigan/jacket  I prefer zippered jackets and I have several lightweight ones from ON, but they didn't have them online anymore. The one I linked to would work great too though! Anything to cover yourself up when visitors come.
Socks/slippers  either will do, I love these Sherpa booties at ON and fuzzy socks are always nice! The hospital gets very cold, so you'll want something for your tootsies.
Boppy  I can't say enough good things about the Boppy pillow! It's the best and really helps support the baby when you're delirious (and I think it'll be great to help Jacob hold the baby!).
Toiletries/makeup  as crazy as it sounds, you will want to put on a little makeup and maybe even do your hair after your first shower. It's just nice.
Pillow  and make sure you put an old, colored pillowcase on. You'll thank me later. ;)
Camera/iPhone/chargers  need I say anything about this? Just don't forget your chargers, for the love of God!

hospital bag essentials for baby
Several NB zippered sleep & plays  I prefer zippered ones because they're easier to get on and off, and I like footed ones (for obvious reasons).
Several blankets  bring the extra soft, thick blankets, baby will love them! Jacob STILL sleeps with the blanket we brought to the hospital all those years ago.
Several hats & socks  these are just nice to bring because, again, the hospital is so cold!
A present for his cool big bro  Hot Wheels are kinda a go-to around here, Jacob can't get enough! I also made a sweet book for Jacob all about the day he was born. I can't wait to give that to him!

So what do y'all think? Anything I left out? I'm sure all my southern friends are wondering where the monogrammed layette set is. Bless your hearts. 

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