Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hospital Bag

We packed SO MUCH unncessary stuff in our hospital bags, which ended up just taking up space in the tiny hospital room. So, here's a quick run down of things you need and things you don't need. Of course, this is based on our hospital, so you might just want to confirm with the hospital (or your OBGYN).

- Warm, comfy clothes: The hospital is soo cold, and you'll literally just be sitting in your room all day. I'd recommend packing clothes that are larger than pre-pregnancy. I've heard that you'll be around 6-mo pregnant when you leave the hospital, but I was smaller than that.
- Nursing bra, nursing tanks, nursing sleeping clothes: I was so surprised how frequently the nursery nurses came to check on our breastfeeding (nearly every 3 hours), so these came in so handy! I have this nursing bra, and several of these awesome nursing camis and LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Buy your nursing bra a size larger than pre-pregnancy, because your boobies will get HUGE! I literally have been wearing these items every day since I got home from the hospital, too.
- Slippers/house shoes: You probably won't be leaving your room, so no need to dress to impress, but you definitely want comfy shoes to stumble to and from the bathroom.
- Toiletries: Bring your own shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush/paste. No need to bring pads, nipple cream, etc - the hospital will provide all of this.
- Cell phones, iPad, digital camera, video camera, chargers for all
- Boppy: This is a necessity for every mom that breast feeds! Can't say enough good things about it!
- Pillows, warm blanket: Definitely bring a pillow (with colored pillowcase) for you and your husband. I originally brought the warm blanket for me, but Josh used it most of the time. The hospital provides some blankets, but they are hospital blankets after all.
- Carseat: They won't let you leave without one!
- "Going home" outfit for baby: I brought TONS of clothes for Jacob, most in 0-3 month size, and ended up using NONE of it! He ended up being way smaller than we anticipated, so he only fit in NB size, plus the hospital provided little t-shirts and hats. The t-shirts ended up being so convenient for diaper changes, and all the poking/proding that the nurses do, so we just kept him in that the whole time. We put sweat pants on him when we left the hospital, which were way too big and looked silly. I guess his "going home" outfit will have to wait until a special occasion. :(

- Makeup, hair dryer, straightener, etc.: Unless you are Super Woman, I highly doubt you will want to/care about doing your makeup and hair. More power to you if you do.
- Baby stuff (diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes, etc.): The hospital will provide everything (literally even gave us a nail file and thermometer), so unless you have a special blanket you want baby to use or special pacifiers, don't waste your time!
- DVDs, books, magazines, etc.: You won't have time for any of this nonsense.
- Feminine pads, nipple cream, etc.: The hospital has the BEST pads and breast feeding accessories, so be sure to use their stuff, and request more before you leave and take it with you! Your insurance is paying for all of it anyways. My favorite items were the ice pack pads (amaaaazing) and the feminine water bottle (you'll know what I mean when you get there).

Other hospital recomendations I have include:
- Take advantage of the nursery at night: It was so hard for me to let the nursery nurse take my sweet, new baby boy, but it was the best decision I ever made! I haven't slept 4 straight hours since I left the hospital! Plus, they do lots of tests early in the morning, and your pediatrician will come every morning to check on your baby, so they have to be in the nursery for that. They will bring your baby to you if they are fussing or if its been 3 hours and you need to nurse.
- Take advantage of the lactation consultants: They are awesome and will just watch you and make sure you're doing everything right. Ours gave us little pointers that have come in super handy since we've been home!
- Take your pain meds whenever you can: Whether you can feel it or not, alot of trauma occured and eventually the pain will catch up to you.
- Drinks tons of water (and prune juice if it's available) and take your stool softeners: Just trust me.
- Do not be afraid to ask for advice: I asked everyone for advice - the nursery nurses, the lactation consultants, my nurses, etc. These people are around babies all the time and have seen it all, so don't be afraid to ask!!

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