Friday, August 29, 2014

Want // Watch // Wear

I'm off to New York for the weekend with my mom and sister. A little girls getaway before the baby comes. Really though, my Aunt is getting married and we're going to celebrate! Yay!

But before I go, I just have to update y'all- I'm feeling soooo much better!! Emotionally and physically! I honestly think it has to do with the daily devotional book I told y'all about. It really helps me start my day on the right foot and helps put things in perspective.

Plus Jacob is finally on the mend. He's sleeping and napping better, which really does make all the difference. We ended up having to take him back into the doctor's office on Tuesday, during which time she told us that his ears were still infected and we needed to continue antibiotics. We switched meds to a better tasting medicine with a smaller dose. I still have to mix it with Gatorade, but he sucks it right down! Thank goodness! I hate fighting with him over something so simple.

So, I'm back on track and ready to discuss my 3 things for this weekend.

I'm going to just repeat the two past things I said- the leopard Van's and the canvas weekend bag. Boring, I know, but I really don't want anything else.


Do y'all watch this show? It's such a train wreck. I actually love Kim and Kroy's relationship- they seem very real and very much in love. And Kim is always a hoot!


I bought a few new items for the wedding this weekend, including these super cute booties from Old Navy. I love this trend, but was nervous to invest too much money in it because I wasn't sure how much I'd actually wear them. We'll see!

Anyhoo- I hope y'all have a lovely weekend! To stay updated on my travel fun, following me on Instagram (@KateSoko)!

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