Monday, August 25, 2014


I've been pretty MIA lately. Mostly in part to the longest 2 weeks of my life. I was sick, then Josh, then Jacob. I finally took Jakey to the pediatrician on Friday and turns out he has a double ear infection. Poor thing! I feel so awful he's been in that much pain. Although most of the time you wouldn't even know it. I, of course, knew something was up.

We spent all weekend fighting him to take his medicine, which hasn't gone well at all. He is so strong and stubborn. I actually left a voicemail on the nurse line this morning because I cannot battle this twice a day for the next week! Hopefully they'll have another option for us.

I've been really dragging lately, physically and emotionally. This pregnancy has pulled out of me every emotion possible. I often wake up in the morning, still angry or upset over the previous day's battles. I have no patience for anyone and take it out on my husband, who has honestly been so amazingly supportive this whole time. 

So, I bought a daily devotional and am really hoping to steer my mind and heart towards God. He is the only one who can help me through this. I read my first devotional today, and I have to say- I'm already feeling better. It's funny how a little Jesus can do that.

It said to always think of Him and to redirect your thoughts to Him throughout the day. The easiest way to do this is to simply say His name. This was especially helpful for me, as I quickly (and often) lose my temper and can't seem to overcome the many hurdles that come my way throughout the day. I've already said His name a dozen times this morning. :)

On a positive note, we painted the baby's nursery this weekend and I absolutely LOVE it! We used the color "Smooth Stone" by Glidden. It's a light grey, very soft and soothing. I kinda want to paint the entire house that color. ;)

Jacob starts MDO next week, so I'm really hoping to pull myself out of this funk and give him a fun last week of summer!

Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and are staying cool! Are you as ready for Fall as I am? Cooler temps and football- yes, ma'am!

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