Friday, August 15, 2014

Want // Watch // Wear

Another week, another Friday! Hip hip hooray! This week has been awful for our family- lots of sickies and rough nights. Praying things get better this weekend.

Anyways, let's get started...


I reaaaaallllllyyyy need/want a new weekend bag, specifically for a certain upcoming hospital stay. Ahem. I'm loving this canvas/leather look. It will match my other LL Bean totes perfectly!


Have y'all heard of Jen Hatmaker? She's a hilarious, witty, smart, Christian-mommy blogger, who lives in Austin and now has her own reality show documenting a home remodel in Buda (of a super old farm house, my dream)! How fun! It comes on HGTV on Thursday nights, called My Big Family Renovation, and I happen to have TWO episodes on my DVR right now! Yay!

Image 4 of New Look Maternity Slim Leg Printed Pant
One reason I'm loving being pregnant this summer (besides the incredibly mild weather we've had) is the current elastic waistband pant trend. I think people are calling them "joggers"; I wouldn't necessarily go jogging in these, but they are awesomely comfortable and super cute with sandals! I'm loving this pair I got at Asos. Hoping I can wear these through the Fall, too!

Is there anything y'all are loving in any of these categories??

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