Monday, August 11, 2014

A few thoughts on Jacob...

While driving home from a play date, I started thinking about Jacob. About his sweet personality. About how much I love him. About how absolutely blessed I am to be his mom. And about how stinking good he is.

I want to write down a few of my thoughts, so I never forget this stage.

Jacob is nearly always in a good mood. He's always smiling and laughing; it really makes me feel like I did something "right." He's seriously the light of my life. He makes every day so much fun and really does bring joy to ordinary days.

Aside from being super happy, he's also extremely affectionate and tender hearted. He's often the one cheering up kids that are crying, giving hugs and kisses and always saying "lub you." 

P.S. he loves the HOT DOG shirt he's wearing in this pic and always asks to wear it!

Speaking of favorites, his all-time favorite toy is his lawn mower or his "mow mow." Anytime we're outside he's mowing. We take it out to Grandma and PopPop's, we wash it with the water hose when it gets "durdy", but we never bring it inside. :) I think you understand why. 

This little dude is so much fun. I'm constantly laughing with him and I can tell he has a fun time doing nearly anything!

With Jacob's personality shining through, it makes me even more excited for Baby #2. I can't wait to see his personality, and to see him interact and play with Jacob. Love my boys so so much!!

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