Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baby #2 - 22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks
Baby's size: Spaghetti squash

Weight gain: 9lbs.

Maternity clothes: I folded and bought a pair of maternity cropped leggings, for errands and such. They are suuuuuper comfy! I also ordered a few things from Gap (40% off sale). Will update you once I get them!

Stretch marks: None yet

Sleep: I'm so exhausted come bedtime and I fall asleep easily, but I always wake up around 1:30-2 to pee and cannot fall back to sleep! Saturday morning I laid awake from 3-6:30am!!! What the heck!

Gender: BOY!

Movement: So so much! If the amount of movement in utero is any indication of this kid's personality, he's going to be really hyper! Ha!

Best moment this week: We had a really nice relaxing weekend. Got a few things done around the house, did some purging and cleaning, and have started getting the nursery together.

Worst moment this week: After 2 full days of cleaning and purging, I was feeling awful on Friday! Just really tired and my stomach was really tight, almost like Braxton Hicks! I guess I'm overdoing it.

Looking forward to: Some of the nursery furniture is being delivered today, so I'm really anxious and excited to see that!!!

Food cravings: BLTs and peaches (still), but I've also really loved bagels with cream cheese this week!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing, really....

Anything making you queasy or sick: Jacob's poopy diapers

Labor signs: None

Symptoms: Lower back pain, thirsty and queasy when hungry.

Workouts: I went for 2 good evening walks this week. Love that alone time!

What I miss: It was hard being one of the only people not drinking at the party this weekend, but I'm feeling good this week!

Similarities/differences between last pregnancy: Still feeling very similar! Although last week I got a little ahead of myself, saying the bumps are evening out...that is definitely not the case! Haha! Last pregnancy at 22 weeks here for reference.

Things that suck: Being large and in charge in this Texas heat. Woof!

Things that don't suck: We started looking at/for new cars for me. I need a larger vehicle for the fam bam.

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