Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Master bedroom facelift

I have literally not touched anything in our bedroom, except for the sheets-obv, since we moved in. Everything is exactly the way it was after we first moved in. We painted the walls white, bought some nice furniture, hung some curtains, and that's it! Ugh! How boring!

I decided it was time for a little facelift, before baby #2 comes and life gets crazy again... I present to you, our new modern adult bedroom....

I am so pumped about how it turned out. I especially love how the room looks at night, all lit up. It almost has a little Kardashian-feel to it, which I promise wasn't intentional, but I'm digging it!

I found this beauuuuutiful fabric on FabricGuru.com and literally couldn't buy it fast enough. And to my surprise the entire bolt (18 yards) arrived TWO DAYS after I ordered it! Holy cow! I think I peed in my pants when it was delivered. I ended up decorating the entire room around this fabric. I'm usually pretty good at throwing in splashes of color, but I wanted to go very cool and calm in our room, so I'm sticking to blacks/greys/whites and a little beige/brown.

We have 4 windows in our bedroom, 1 bay window and 1 additional window, so I made all 8 curtains myself, and 2 matching throw pillows. My husband hates tons of pillows, he doesn't see the point in them when you're just going to throw them on the floor. He has a point, but I love the look of tons of different patterned pillows (when I actually make the bed).

Our furniture is oversized and dark (almost black) wood, so I like to keep the bedding light. I bought these cool ikat sheets in grey from Target. I generally like really soft sheets, not sateen, but just nice, soft, cool, cotton sheets. I think after a dozen washes, these sheets will be perfect! They are a little too crisp for me yet...even with lots of fabric softener and 3 washes. I'll keep y'all updated.

Because the nightstands are dark, I wanted lighter lamps. My goodness- lamps are the hardest thing to shop for! They are either adorable and super expensive, or cheap and look it. I am a mama on a budget here, so I'm looking for cute, expensive-looking and cheap. Haha! (good luck, right??) Well, I stumbled upon these gems at Target and fell in love with them! Actually, to be honest, I thought $45 was too expensive, so I kept looking... And soon realized that the exact same mercury glass lamps were going for $125-$250 at Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel. Sooo I quickly went back to Target and scooped up two of those bad boys before they were sold out! I also grabbed two of these shades while I was there. The website doesn't really do the shades justice- they have a linen-look to them, with a very subtle sparkle. Very pretty!

I currently have a plain white blanket on the bed, because its too dang hot for anything else,but once the weather cools down, I plan on buying this duvet and a lightweight down insert from Ikea.

I have also talked my sweet husband into installing DIY crown molding. Home Depot has an "easy no-cut" system, that looks pretty painless. Hopefully we can tackle that in November, when the weather cools down and our crazy life slows down for a sec (and we have a free weekend).

I hope you like it as much as I do!! Cheers!

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