Sunday, October 13, 2013

Weekend Recap

I had planned a lazy, but fun weekend and I think we completely succeeded!! We've been super busy for what seems like the last 2 months, without a single lazy weekend, so we were definitely due for one. Plus, it was Texas/OU, so it was the perfect excuse to watch football all day, make some yummy food and chill! And, Texas WON! SUCH a great weekend! Here's a recap...
I didn't take pictures, but Friday night was spent drinking wine and watching Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel. If y'all haven't watched that show yet, you really oughta. It's super scary, and they go to cool places.
We spent Saturday morning in our jammies, watching College GameDay and cartoons, while daddy prepped the chili. It's hard to see in this picture, but his PJs say "Mommy's Sleep Champ" with a little football player- so cute! He IS my sleep champ these days! And I love his belly hanging out- total boy!

After breakfast we all put on our burnt orange, put out the flag and attempted a photo sesh. Our little tight end was more interested in sprinting into the street. Real cool.

Right around the start of the game, I made these YUMMY and EASY jalapeno poppers. All I did was roll out crescent rolls, cut them in half lengthwise, put a bit of cream cheese, bacon and fresh jalapeno on the fat end (if that makes sense) rolled them up and baked them at 350 for 15 minutes. They were super tasty and the perfect appetizer for game day!

We couldn't pull Jacob away from the game for lunch (haha, more like dad), so we brought lunch to him. Haha! This picture cracks me up. Particularly the brewskie on the counter. Cheers!

After lunch, Jacob took a 2-hour nap while Josh and I dug into the chili and watched the second half of the game. Traditional Texas chili doesn't have beans in it, but ours does. And its the best chili I've ever had. I'll share the recipe in another post.

Josh and I prepare our bowls of chili completely different though. He likes more juice with cheese and lots of crackers, while I like less juice, LOTS of cheese, sour cream and Frito's. Gotta have the Frito's!

Saturday night was spent drinking more wine (a 2007 Cakebread to be exact- it was divine!!), watching more football and a little baseball, and an early bedtime.

Josh let me sleep in on Sunday morning (score!), so after I woke up and had my coffee, we took Jacob to the park for an hour or so. He was having so much fun chasing all the squirrels. Haha, so cute!

And the rest of Sunday was pretty uneventful- 2.5 hour nap for Jacob, grocery store for mom, run for dad, dinner and laundry. Suuuuper fun!

I hope y'all had a fun weekend, too! Lazy, relaxing weekends just can't be beat! So glad we were able to hang out all weekend together.

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