Monday, October 7, 2013

Jacob - 16 months

This monthly update came and went- and I didn't even realize it! Oops! Time is just flying by so quickly, I can hardly believe it! I can't believe we have a 16-month old, it just can't be true!

In other news, we've officially been members of our playgroup (Baby Buddies) for 1 year! What a blessing that group has been for us (especially me). All the kids are growing up, and I just love watching them actually play together. How fun!

Age: 16 months
Height: (don't go back until 18 months)
Weight: (don't go back until 18 months)
Milestones: I feel like Jacob learns something new every day...every hour! It's so amazing to watch him. He's just a little sponge! I really don't even know what to say here. He's saying 11 words- mama, dada, da (dog or airplane- ha!), duck, ha (hot), mo (lawnmower or more), book, hi, bye. He plays/sings along to "happy and you know it" and plays "peak a boo", "soooo BIG" and dances to EVERY song he hears. He's getting really good at waving hi and bye now- he used to be kinda delayed, but now he waves perfectly. He has such good ears- he can hear airplanes before I can! And he immediately points up and says "da." We're working on "airplane."
Sleep: Sleeping has regulated a bit this month. He's sleeping 12-13 hours a night still, so usually 8pm-8 or 9am. We hardly ever hear him fuss throughout the night. Occasionally he loses his blanket or Boo and will fuss for a second until he finds them, but otherwise we really don't hear a peep until the morning! He naps for anywhere between 1-3 hours, depending how he slept the night before and how much activity we've had that day. I usually try to get him down by 1:30 for his nap though.
Eating: Mealtime has become one of my least favorite times of the day. He never wants to sit still long enough to eat, so I either make his meals SUPER excited (by using muffin tins) or singing/dancing while offering him food, or I drag his highchair near the family room so he can watch TV while he eats (this only happens for breakfast when there's a new Doc McStuffins on). Of course, Jacob eats like a CHAMP for Josh.
Clothes size: 18-24mo in Old Navy and Gap, but otherwise he's in 24mo or 2T.
Diaper size: Size 5 Cruisers
Best Moment: it's been a really fun month. He's just such a bundle of joy! I really enjoyed watching Jacob play with all the kids at my sister's wedding reception- he was having so much fun!!! I loved it!
Worst Moment: He was suffering from some seasonal allergies and cutting his 1-yr molars last week, so we had a few rough days, but other than's been great! We're giving him Zyrtec now daily.
Favorite toy: His new golfing set from his CoCo and his lawn mower still.
Teeth: he cut his 4th bottom tooth, so 8 total. I expect a molar soon, too.
Looking forward to: with the cooler weather, I'm excited about taking him for LOTS of runs, trips to the park, pumpkin patch (with and without dad), and Halloween of course!!! He's actually going trick or treating this year. Yay!

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