Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend Recap

Our weekend was good. Really good. With cooler temps, we can finally get outside and enjoy all the fun things to do this season! 

We finally took Jacob to the pumpkin patch at our church. Pumpkins don't grow in this part of the world, so when I say "patch", I really just mean a place where lots and lots of pumpkins are displayed. Hahah!! 

We had a blast watching Jacob run around all the pumpkins and play with the hay. We settled for a few small pumpkins for decorations, as we had planned a carving day on Sunday with family.  
I swear he picked up every single pumpkin there.
And this is how it really looked. Love this picture!

On Sunday morning, I got my hair cut. Getting ready for my GIRLS WEEKEND next weekend. I cannot wait. Although I think I already miss my nugget.

Anyways, afterwards my sister and her (now) husband came over for a little family fun. We went to the park for a bit, then carved pumpkins, drank beer and ate some yummy buffalo chicken chili.

Here's a few pictures...

I made a Mickey Mouse pumpkin, because, well, I'm lame and obsessed with my son. Josh made the awesome holey pumpkin with his drill because he loves playing with power tools. My sister made the creepy Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin and my BIL made the smiley one (freehand, no less-wow!).

It was such a fun fall day with family. I love love love this weather and plan on spending A LOT of time outside in the upcoming week.

What did y'all do this weekend?? Anything fun!?

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