Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY tutorial - no sew curtains

Okay friends, I am so excited to share this DIY tutorial with you! This is so simple and it will save you bu-koos of money. Promise!

DIY no sew curtains

I've been eyeing $70 curtains at West Elm, and just couldn't let myself buy them. But I couldn't find any others that I liked as much. Then I decided to make them myself. Without a sewing machine. Boom and double boom.

Okay, so let's get started...

First, you need to figure out how much fabric you need...
Most fabric is 54" wide and 1 yard is 36" long. You want an extra inch on each side and bottom for the hem, and an extra 7" at the top for the pocket and hem. I trust that you can do the math, but if you have questions just message me!

Next, cut your fabric...
You do not need to be super careful about this, as you will fold and hem all the sides. Just make sure that the pattern in your fabric will line up once its hung. Somehow mine worked out perfectly and I didn't have to trim up the fabric to do this. And make sure your cuts are relatively straight.

Next, buy about 3546513 packages of this hem tape. I used 2 different types of hem tape (Heat n' Bond and Stitch Witchery) and I far prefer the SW. It's a little more expensive, but it bonds better. And for the love of everything holy, buy the super weight stuff. You will thank me later. I found this at Walmart for like $2.50 or something.

Now the fun starts...
You want to iron a hem first, before you start with the tape, so fold it over about a half inch and iron it to make a good crease.
Just like so...

DIY no sew curtains
Then measure the hem tape for however long you need and insert it into your hem crease. You want it to be deep into the crease. Just like this... (please ignore my disgusting ironing board, but please notice my awesome "party nails"- ha!)

DIY no sew curtains
The Stitch Witchery works with steam, so you need to use a wet cloth between your fabric and iron. I used an old cloth napkin. Make sure its pretty damp, you want to make some good steam here. And set your iron to the hottest setting.
So after you get the hem tape just where you need it, lay the wet cloth over the fabric and lay the hot iron on top. Keep it there for like 10 seconds, or about how long it takes for the steam sound to stop.

DIY no sew curtains
And you'll just move down your edge until the entire thing is "hemmed." Be sure to re-wet your cloth often. That's the biggest pain in the butt throughout this whole process. (the Heat n' Bond doesn't require that you use the wet cloth, but it doesn't hold nearly as well)
Once you've gone down the entire edge, flip the fabric over and do it again on the other side. You want to make sure this is nice and secure.

DIY no sew curtains
You'll do this for the 2 sides and bottom. And like I said- about a 1" hem is good.
Next up is the pocket at the top where you're curtain will slide onto the rod.
Measure 3.5", fold over and iron it all the way across. Again, you want a good solid crease there.

DIY no sew curtains

DIY no sew curtains
Similar to how you did the sides, insert the hem tape in that crease. But this time put it at the very end of the hem- so you create a pocket. Make sense?
Lay the wet cloth over your fabric and start ironing. Make sure you flip it over and do both sides.

DIY no sew curtains

And VOILA! You have curtains!

DIY no sew curtains
There are two fabric websites that I really like- and I've ordered from both and they both deliver super quick, have great prices and lots of choices.
Good luck!!!
UPDATED: I now have a no sew pillow cover tutorial on the blog, too. Go check it out here.

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