Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday - Love List

I have been working on a Love List post for a week now, and I decided to go ahead and incorporate it into a Five on Friday Link-up...because...why not?!

So let's get started...FIVE things I'm LOVING right now!!

my new washing machine - We got our old washing machine from a sweet friend FOR FREE a few months before we got married, and they worked great all this time! Almost 6 years! But a week or two ago, the washing machine started leaking. Turns out it started rusting on the bottom and sprung a leak. We decided to go ahead and buy a new one, seeing as we've never actually paid for one ourselves. To say we've been living in a cave for the past 10 years is clearly an understatement. We got a top loader, because we're just too damn tall for front loaders. And this thing is aweeeeesome (in the words of Tommy Boy- bahahahah!!!).

these aztec palazzo pants - oh, sweet jeebus. These pants are so comfortable, it almost feels like you're naked. And they're LONG! The website says 35" inseam, but I think they're longer.

my new bedroom curtains that I made all by myself without a sewing machine. Yes yes and YES! Be on the lookout for a DIY tutorial, y'all.

these floral skinny jeans - how perfectly dainty while still comfortable and easy? I need these right now. (and they come in long!) GAP is having their fall sale right now, so I just scored them for 35% off! Perfect!

this new sign - after returning from vacation, the only thing I could think was "There is no place like home." So when I stumbled on this cute sign, I just had to snag it. And it looks great on our B&W wall in our family room!

So what are YOU loving right now?? Link up with us and tell me!!

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  1. those jeans are fabulous and so is that sigh! happy friday!