Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jacob - 15 months

This little booger has stolen my heart. His curiosity and passion for life is infectious! I know it's hard to believe a 15 month old can have "passion for life", but he DOES! He has so much FUN every single day and plays til he can't play any more. Maybe we could all learn a thing or two from kids.

Age: 15 months
Height: 33" (89%)
Weight: 26lbs 13oz (92%)
Milestones: He's added a new word to his vocabulary- "ha" or HOT. LOL! I literally die laughing every time I hear him, because he opens his mouth suuuuper wide and almost whispers the "ha"...hahahahah!! Oh my gosh. I think he learned that because I was explaining to him that his lunch was still hot and we were waiting for it to cool down. I think he really understands when something is hot though, because he'll use it correctly (i.e. hose outside in the sun, oven, stove, grill, food, etc.). Although I think he's still getting the sensation of cold and hot confused, which is understandable because at first they both kinda feel the same. Anywho- what else is he doing?? Hmmm...he can successfully climb on the couch now and has learned how NOT to fall off of it (thank goodness!!) It took several hard falls to learn that one. The poor dogs have now lost every inch of freedom in this house. He's running now, which is super exciting (not). He can walk really well in his new crocks, which has opened his boundaries. If Josh is with us, I will let him walk into stores (holding my hand) and sometimes even let him walk around in the stores...again, only if Josh is with us!
Sleep: Goodness! Where do I even start? He started this past month sleeping great- 11-12 hours straight at night (usually 8-7) and two 1-hour naps. Then around 14.5 months (as I blogged about), he went through a crazy growth spurt. He was sleeping 14 hours at night (one morning he woke up at 11am!!!), thus we didn't even have enough time to fit two naps in the day! So, he kinda dropped to 1 nap randomly (but easily) during that week. As of today, he's sleeping 12-13 hours at night (8-9) and taking one 2-hour nap (usually 1-3). Although now that he's officially out of that growth spurt, I can tell he's waking up earlier (sleeping less at night) and not napping for 2 full hours (more like 1). There's no earthly way he's only going to nap for an hour all day, so I'm going to try and nap train him similarly to how I did it earlier in his life. I'll report back on that next month.
Eating: He's still eating like a champ- breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, with 16oz of 2% milk and about 10oz of water throughout the day. If he gets fussy during the day, its usually because he's hungry and a quick snack (cheese stick, fruit pouch, goldfish) often does the trick.
Clothes size: some 18 month t-shirts, but mostly 24 mo-2T stuff
Diaper size: Size 5 Cruisers
Best Moment: I don't know, we've had a really good month. I think the highlight, though, was buying him his new shoes. He hadn't really ever worn shoes out in public, mostly because squeezing his fat feet into his shoes was often a HUGE undertaking. But his new crocks fit GREAT and he loves them! They're perfect for the hot Texas weather we've been having, and I think he'll fit in them for awhile (size 6/7).
Worst Moment: I can't even think of a bad moment. He's had a few bad falls off the couch and stopped my heart, so probably that...
Favorite toy: This is becoming a hard question...he jacks with a lot of stuff throughout the day, whether its actually a "toy" or not is debatable (if you consider a corkscrew or spatula a toy, you'd win).
Teeth: he cut a 3rd bottom tooth, so 7 total
Looking forward to: we have ALOT going on in the upcoming my month- my sister's bridal shower, quick road trip for mom (sans baby), a night away for mom for my sister's bachelorette party (secretly soooo looking forward to sleeping in!!!), and so much more. I will definitely post throughout the month, because it will be eventful and blog-worthy! Holler!

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