Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Advocare 24 day challenge: last days & results

I've been compiling this post for a few weeks now. Honestly, I last track of meals and then I started feeling sick, so things kinda went downhill for a bit. Plus, Jacob had that random growth spurt, which threw off our daily schedule (i.e. we were waking up 2-3 hours later than normal, so meals were "off"). But, I'm super happy and proud of my results, so I want to share everything with you...

Days 11-24 are exactly the same. In terms of Advocare products and meal plans, they are exactly the same. I think that's what kinda started wearing on me. Plus, the timing of the MNS Phase products really started affecting me.

In your MNS box, you have 14 packages of pills. Each package contains 4 individually wrapped set of pills. Each set of pills are to be taken at specific times throughout the day- before breakfast, with breakfast and before lunch. The problem with me is, I can't take pills on an empty stomach (which is what you're supposed to do with the "before breakfast" pills and technically the "before lunch" pills). A few days into the MNS Phase, I started getting really nauseous, headaches and overall very grumpy. After the first week of that, I switched to a slightly different schedule and it made a HUGE difference. If you're wondering, upon rising I drank my Spark and had a small helping of fruit (3/4 cup strawberries, banana, etc.) and a few minutes later, took the "before breakfast" pills, then about 10 minutes later I had the meal replacement shake and the "with breakfast" pills (you're supposed to wait 30 minutes between the "before breakfast" pills and the meal replacement shake. Anyways...that really seemed to help. Likewise, for lunch, I took the "before lunch" pills WITH lunch.

I'd rattle off meal plans, but I can't remember them now and most days were quite the same. Here's a sample meal plan:
Mid-morning: rice cake with almond butter and strawberries
Lunch: salad with salmon, tuna or chicken
Mid-afternoon: handful of almonds and prunes
Dinner: grilled chicken with zucchini and sweet potato

Literally, I've had my fair share of grilled chicken, zucchini and sweet potatoes. I think my husband would agree. But, its super easy and delicious. And beautiful...

beautiful summer feast
Once CG started back, I started seriously working out twice per week. I'm talking 60 minutes of intense full-body training. After CG, I get home pretty late and don't feel like eating. So I either have a rice cake with almond butter or nothing at all. The following mornings I often feel the best! So cleansed and healthy. It's an addicting feeling, quite honestly.

So, now for the results....

Overall, I lost 10 pounds. Kinda a bumer, because I was hoping to lose 15, but I'm continuing some of the products and most of the meal plans, so I will continue after the 15 pound goal. My clothes fit so much better (almost loose) and I feel much more confident, sexy and motivated. I want to go out and buy stylish new clothes to show off my bod! I also lost 2 inches around my waist AND 2 inches around my hips. I personally think this is the biggest change, and why my clothes feel so good now. Plus, those nasty saddlebags are nearly gone (ccyyaaaaaa!!!!).

Here's a before and after picture:

I really apologize for the lack of detail and effort in this last post. I was so looking forward to this huge celebration at the end, but getting sick just really put a damper in the whole thing.

If you have any questions or comments, please comment on this post and I will answer as best I can. Good luck!!!


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