Friday, August 2, 2013

DIY monogram tutorial

I've always been obsessed with monograms, but just recently I've really started to cave to the obsession. I think it all started with having a baby, and wanting his little name on all his little clothes. Now I'm obsessed with Josh and I's monogram.

I stumbled upon this gem today while surfing Pinterest and am determined to do this.

First task- make our monogram in jumbo letters. I found a company that makes wooden monograms, but it was going to be like $45 for the size I want! Uh, no. But then, I found this awesome DIY monogram tutorial. Seriously in love. I've already made like 15 monograms- our monogram, my monogram, Jacob's monogram, different colors...hell- I might have made monograms for our dogs.

Anyways...I'm going to try and make that Pinterest project over the weekend. If I succeed, I'll post a tutorial. We're in desperate need for something large like that over our bed, but I haven't found curtains that I like yet, and I'm thinking I'll want to use the curtain material as the background. Oh well. We'll see how it goes. This was really a post about that awesome DIY monogram tutorial.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Kate, I'm so glad you liked the tutorial. Your monogrammed turned out great!